I Need My Space

Outer space doesn’t have to be all uncharted territories and vast unknowns. I Need My Space, a weekly podcast from Inverse, enlists space experts, explorers, and enthusiasts to answer questions of astronomical proportions with an approachable style. Notable guests include former NFL wide receiver and NASA astronaut Leland Melvin, astronauts Mae Jemison and Jerry Linenger, astrobiologist Seth Shostak, and astrophysicist Katie Mack. Hosted by Inverse’s space editor Rae Paoletta and space-obsessed comedian Steve Ward, the show aims to make outer space accessible to everyone. It can be daunting to jump into space, but we believe everyone has a seat at the intergalactic table. INMS is an invitation to everyone, whether you’re a seasoned astronaut or space rookie, to join the adventure into the infinite.