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Axiom-2: Everything You Need to Know About the Private ISS Mission

ByDoris Elín Urrutia

Here’s what you need to know about Axiom-2, the second private mission to the ISS.


Was the Starship Explosion a Health Hazard? Future Explosions Could Present an Even Bigger Problem

ByElana Spivack

Relying on trial and error alone could come at the cost of our health and environment.


Elon Musk’s Biographer on the "Dirty Secret of Aerospace"

ByMolly Glick

Author Ashlee Vance stepped into the minds of private space moguls — here’s what he found.


HBO’s New Sci-Fi Show Is a Brutal Elon Musk Takedown

ByJake Kleinman

Are you ready to die on Mars?

Blast off!

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy Just Launched What May Be the World’s Most Powerful Satellite

ByMike Brown and Molly Glick

But it’s no longer considered the mightiest rocket.


What SpaceX’s Starship Explosion Means for Elon Musk's Mission to Mars

ByWendy Whitman Cobb and The Conversation

The fiery test brings the company a step closer to Elon Musk’s Mars dreams.


"Rapid Unscheduled Disassembly": Image Shows the Moment SpaceX's Starship Rocket Exploded

ByKiona Smith

Despite the explosion, the company is counting its first Starship flight test as a success.


Elon Musk’s Starship Rocket Just Exploded, Minutes Into Its Test Launch

ByMolly Glick

SpaceX’s most powerful rocket partially failed its latest test.


Ariel Ekblaw Wants To Go to Space So We Can Save Earth

ByClaire Cameron

The 30-year-old founder of MIT’s Space Exploration Initiative is engineering small wonders with a big goal: making sure Earth remains our home.


Astronaut Mice Reveal Potential Link Between the Gut and Bone Loss in Space

ByElana Spivack

Is it “moustronaut,” or “astromouse?”


In 10 Years, a Rare Alignment Could Allow a Human Mission to Venus and Mars

ByMatt Williams

In the coming decade, NASA and China plan to send the first crewed missions (astronauts and taikonauts) to Mars.


European Countries Are Racing Toward the Continent's First Satellite Launch

ByNathaniel Scharping

Norway, Sweden, and Scotland are entering the space race with their own launch pads. But only one will be first.

Space Science

Starlink is Already Causing Hubble Headaches — and the Problem Could Get Worse

ByJon Kelvey

A new study found that 3-in-50 Hubble shots have a satellite photobombing them — and that number will only go up as more satellites are launched.

Space Science

SpaceX Starlink Launch: New Satellites With Quadruple Capacity Could Boost Internet Speeds

ByMolly Glick

Elon Musk’s space venture is once again adding to its giant constellation of satellites.

Space Science

NASA and SpaceX Crew-6 Mission: Experiments Could Reveal Extraterrestrial Travel’s Health Impacts

ByMolly Glick

The team will test “organs” on chips — and even play with fire.


5 Years Ago, SpaceX Launched Its Silliest Payload Yet — And It's Still in Orbit

ByJon Kelvey

The space-faring Tesla roadster set a speed record unlikely to ever fall to another car, even another Tesla.