Genshin Impact fans urge developers to add more melanin to the game

Here we go again.


Halo Infinite's Juneteenth "Bonobo" skin is a shocking failure by Microsoft



Ms. Marvel’s new powers diminish a crucial part of Kamala Khan’s character

The new Disney+ series makes some questionable changes to its source material.

The Rules of Time Travel

How Watchmen uses time travel to explore the sinister cycles of racism

The HBO adaptation of the iconic graphic novel examines generational trauma via time alteration.


Black Americans get worse sleep — a study says the problem is getting worse

It might be another long aftereffect of the recession.

Toxic Racism

New research reveals disturbing racial disparities in U.S. air pollution

Recent reports reveal how historically marginalized communities experience greater air pollution exposure.

Climate Crisis

Do you live here? Maps reveal the U.S. regions most at risk of floods

Costal and inland flooding alike will greatly shape the nation’s future.

Red Alert

Climate change study reveals a spike in flood risk areas in the U.S. by 2050

The findings will help us better protect those most at risk.


Gut microbiome study reveals the depths of racial health disparities

Time for a gut check.

Racism in Nature

Scientists confirm 6 links between race and air pollution

A positive trend in decreasing air pollution masks glaring racial disparities.

Scene Stealers 2021

In 'For All Mankind,' one character represented just what sci-fi is about

In the alternate history of 'For All Mankind,' the Apollo-Soyuz mission held more importance than it did IRL. Meet the TV hero behind its command.

The Inverse Interview

Simu Liu reveals the secret reason Shang-Chi wears Air Jordan sneakers

The Inverse Interview

'Shang-Chi' director reveals the truth behind the movie's dragons

Destin Daniel Cretton rises to the occasion as the director of Marvel's first Asian superhero movie, 'Shang-Chi.' He dishes on representation and dragons.

Part Three

How Asian American internet trailblazers gave new life to Shang-Chi

The final story in a series on Shang-Chi’s origins, rise, fall, and rebirth.

Part Two

Shang-Chi: Why Marvel’s most influential comic disappeared.

'Master of Kung Fu' was once a red hot Marvel comic created by writers inspired by the coming martial arts craze. So why haven't you heard of Shang-Chi before?

Part One

How Marvel's Shang-Chi had to "destroy" its own racist origins

The first in a series about Shang-Chi’s origins, rise, fall, and rebirth.


New Maps Reveal How Racial Segregation Shortens Life Expectancies Across US

"Your neighborhood shouldn’t influence your odds of seeing your grandchildren grow up."

Unsplash / Alvin Engler
The Media
Space takes a beating

Jeff Bezos: How the clumsy approach of a billionaire could’ve gone differently

A miniscule tweak could have changed everything.

Let it out!

"This Website Will Self-Destruct" is the website we need in the chaos year, 2020

Life is hard. This website listens.

Truth and lies

Scientists extract an alarming stat about the amount of news Americans consume

Fake news makes up less than 1 percent of Americans’ news consumption, but researchers reveal another massive, complex problem across the media landscape.

just the 5, thanks

The 5 best science podcasts, 2020 edition

The best science podcasts and podcast episodes from the science writers and editors at Inverse.

Stop the spiral

How to keep up with coronavirus news without losing your mind

Avoid COVID-19 news overload with three expert-backed strategies.

Retrain your brain

Anxiety from the news: A psychologist explains how to cope with it in 2020

Coping with stress caused by the news cycle is manageable if we know how to address it.

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Welcome to Inverse 2.0

You love to see it


Study reveals how Americans feel about working with A.I.

Only 1 in 5 Americans are excited about working with AI.


The solution to stopping deepfakes might be staring us in the face

A misinformation expert tells Inverse that deepfakes have a people problem.


Why millennials everywhere are killing climate change denial

Why the climate change deniers are losing the debate.


Study on Trump's Twitter habits reveals he has 4 tweet styles

Researchers break down how Trump tweets.


Electrek Editor Fred Lambert Is a Driving Force in Electric Transportation

Lambert obsessed over electric cars so much on Reddit that he went pro.


Debate Psychology: 5 Science-Backed Tips to Avoid Getting Your Brain Hacked

A guide to thinking critically while watching televised political debates.


7,500 Women Scientists Are Ready to Answer All of Your Science Questions

Now there's no excuse to only ask only male scientists.


Andrew Yang Talks UBI, Deep Fakes in Tech Savvy Presidential Town Hall

Andrew Yang is not a single issue candidate. 


The Future of DIY Content Is Full of Risky, Empowering Moments

"Influencer" culture is only just getting started.

equity and justice

PlayStation matches donations made by developers to support Black Lives Matter

Sony Interactive Entertainment is contributing to progressive movements in America by matching donations from employees.

Sunday Scaries

Why one unappealing emotion can make you happier in the long run

Here’s why you should treat anger like thirst.

Gamer Alert!

Known gamer Ted Cruz would love these 6 pay-to-win games

He has games on his phone.

Paranoid Android

50 years ago, Watergate changed the American political thriller forever

“Hollywood stars used to play cowboys and generals. Now they're wiretappers and assassins, or targets.”


An iconic American endangered species is at the heart of a political war in Wisconsin

The state’s wolf population is determined by political volleying, with each side of the debate seeking easy answers.

Take a Stand

Halo Infinite devs take a bold stance against dehumanizing Texas legislation

Certain Affinity is one of few companies doing it right.

Strange New Politics

Fox News is wrong, Star Trek has always been “woke”

A recent op-ed accuses new Trek shows of partisanship but forgets historical facts.

Human Rights

Bungie is currently the only video game company standing up for Roe v. Wade

I’m shocked! Well, not that shocked.


Is Russia's withdrawal from the ISS a bluff? Why it’s too soon to say if it’s leaving

Recent comments suggest Roscosmos intends to leave the International Space Stations over Ukraine war-related sanctions.


SpaceX Starlink: New price strategy, speed, order details for the internet service

Starlink could offer high-speed internet to those that need it most.


The Ukraine war reveals the biggest problem with humanity's approach to climate change

The invasion has highlighted both the dangers of ignoring producer responsibility for fossil fuels and an opportunity to embrace it.


How the Ukraine war destroyed Germany's “bridge” to clean energy

The 'Energiewende' relies on gas as a bridge between a coal-powered past and renewable future.


A deadly, drug-resistant disease could spread because of the war in Ukraine

This year was always going to be an uphill battle as global health systems recover from the pandemic.


War in Ukraine forces Starlink competitor OneWeb to use SpaceX for launches

SpaceX has entered into an agreement to start launching satellites for a competitor to Starlink.

Space history

8 years ago, the U.S. and Russia played chicken with the ISS — will history repeat itself?

Russian and the USA's 2014 diplomatic spat over the ISS also provides a blueprint for understanding the current clash over the space station — and how this fresh fight may ultimately pan out.


Russian invasion of Ukraine derails a vital mission to find alien life on Mars

International space collaboration is in peril.

The Inverse Interview

Star Trek: Discovery showrunner explains that shocking Season 4 finale cameo [Exclusive]

Discovery just honored a real-life Trek fan who’s making a huge difference in the real world.

Inverse Interviews

Superman crushed the KKK in 1946. Here's why he's doing it again in 2020.

“The ideas driving the Klan seem to be making a resurgence.”