The Inverse Interview

'Shang-Chi' director reveals the truth behind the movie's dragons

Destin Daniel Cretton rises to the occasion as the director of Marvel's first Asian superhero movie, 'Shang-Chi.' He dishes on representation and dragons.

Part Three

How Asian American internet trailblazers gave new life to Shang-Chi

The final story in a series on Shang-Chi’s origins, rise, fall, and rebirth.

Part Two

Shang-Chi: Why Marvel’s most influential comic disappeared.

'Master of Kung Fu' was once a red hot Marvel comic created by writers inspired by the coming martial arts craze. So why haven't you heard of Shang-Chi before?

Part One

How Marvel's Shang-Chi had to "destroy" its own racist origins

The first in a series about Shang-Chi’s origins, rise, fall, and rebirth.

The Inverse Interview

Henry Golding has main character energy

Check, please!

“No MSG Added”: The racist history of the MSG myth

“The start of the MSG myth was... a tacitly racist game of telephone.”

The Inverse Interview

'47 Ronin' sequel script is finished, writer reveals

Aimee Garcia, star of 'Lucifer' and 'M.O.D.O.K.,' prioritizes diversity in her '47 Ronin' sequel. She tells Inverse the latest on the follow-up to the Keanu Reeves film.

Get that snitch

Attack the Block 2 release date, trailer, plot, cast for the alien invasion sequel

One of the best indie sci-fi action movies of the 2010s is finally getting a sequel, with John Boyega and writer-director Joe Cornish returning.

Boldly Forward

Star Trek's next big comeback could finally deliver on a long-overdue promise

Mind and Body

White people are shown to have peculiar ideas about “diversity” —study

The Inverse Review

Raya and the Last Dragon is the best post-apocalypse epic since Mad Max: Fury Road

A blend of familiar Disney formula and Southeast Asian-inspired folklore, Raya and the Last Dragon is an instant classic that is light on its feet.

Different beats

White cops are different from Black cops in 1 crucial way, study shows

Inverse Daily

The shocking statistics about Black heart transplants

Racism can produce life-or-death consequences more often than you think.

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The most underrated action series of the century is finally streaming on HBO Max

Created by Bruce Lee, this martial arts period thriller is now available in full on HBO Max.

The Inverse Interview

Warrior's most epic episode takes on America's racist history

“We didn’t want it to be fun. We wanted to feel the pain of this.”

The Superhero Issue

Super Change: What if our favorite stories were actually inclusive?

Inverse asked 17 creators of color to make one change in the history of genre pop culture. Here's what they said.


New Maps Reveal How Racial Segregation Shortens Life Expectancies Across US

"Your neighborhood shouldn’t influence your odds of seeing your grandchildren grow up."

Unsplash / Alvin Engler
The Media
Space takes a beating

Jeff Bezos: How the clumsy approach of a billionaire could’ve gone differently

A miniscule tweak could have changed everything.

Let it out!

"This Website Will Self-Destruct" is the website we need in the chaos year, 2020

Life is hard. This website listens.

Truth and lies

Scientists extract an alarming stat about the amount of news Americans consume

Fake news makes up less than 1 percent of Americans’ news consumption, but researchers reveal another massive, complex problem across the media landscape.

just the 5, thanks

The 5 best science podcasts, 2020 edition

The best science podcasts and podcast episodes from the science writers and editors at Inverse.

Stop the spiral

How to keep up with coronavirus news without losing your mind

Avoid COVID-19 news overload with three expert-backed strategies.

Retrain your brain

Anxiety from the news: A psychologist explains how to cope with it in 2020

Coping with stress caused by the news cycle is manageable if we know how to address it.

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Study reveals how Americans feel about working with A.I.

Only 1 in 5 Americans are excited about working with AI.


The solution to stopping deepfakes might be staring us in the face

A misinformation expert tells Inverse that deepfakes have a people problem.


Why millennials everywhere are killing climate change denial

Why the climate change deniers are losing the debate.


Study on Trump's Twitter habits reveals he has 4 tweet styles

Researchers break down how Trump tweets.


Electrek Editor Fred Lambert Is a Driving Force in Electric Transportation

Lambert obsessed over electric cars so much on Reddit that he went pro.


Debate Psychology: 5 Science-Backed Tips to Avoid Getting Your Brain Hacked

A guide to thinking critically while watching televised political debates.


7,500 Women Scientists Are Ready to Answer All of Your Science Questions

Now there's no excuse to only ask only male scientists.


Andrew Yang Talks UBI, Deep Fakes in Tech Savvy Presidential Town Hall

Andrew Yang is not a single issue candidate. 


The Future of DIY Content Is Full of Risky, Empowering Moments

"Influencer" culture is only just getting started.

equity and justice

PlayStation matches donations made by developers to support Black Lives Matter

Sony Interactive Entertainment is contributing to progressive movements in America by matching donations from employees.

How Save a Planet

COP26: The UN climate conference that will decide our planet’s future

Here are three reasons why you need to pay attention.

Full Beast

Succession Season 3 Episode 1 Ending Explained: Where is Shiv going?

And who is taking over Waystar-Royco?

Full Beast Mode

Succession Season 3 premiere release date, time, plot, trailer, and HBO schedule

Everything we know about Succession's long-awaited return.


Elon Musk's big future: 8 predictions he made this week


4 reasons ordinary people become spies

Susceptibility to four factors shows whether a target can be exploited.


The oral history of Idiocracy, Mike Judge's time travel triumph

“At a certain point, it went from a good vibe to thinking that this movie was cursed from the beginning.”

Busy Bees

Hidden in the infrastructure bill is a $2 million fight to save a vital creature

Why is Congress trying to save the bees? It's complicated.


Magic mushrooms: Why cancer patients are suing the DEA

Plus: the diet your memory needs now.

Future of Medicine

For terminally ill people, mushroom legality may come too late

A doctor and two cancer patients are suing the DEA in an attempt to receive therapeutic access to psilocybin, one of the compounds in magic mushrooms.

Hold your applause

5 Olympic Games that never happened

If the 2020 Tokyo Olympics are cancelled, it won’t be the first time.

The Inverse Interview

Henry Golding has main character energy


The Pentagon UFO Report is just the beginning. Here’s what happens next.

Four big mysteries remain, and three groups can solve them.


Franklin D. Roosevelt High School: Marvel’s weirdest Easter egg ever, explained

Did Loki just reference one of the strangest episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D?

Check, please!

“No MSG Added”: The racist history of the MSG myth

“The start of the MSG myth was... a tacitly racist game of telephone.”


Battlefield 2042 is repeating the MCU's biggest pop culture problem

Video games need to get comfortable with offending people — here's why.

Mind and Body

Covid-19 "lab leak": Why it's worth looking into

It’s essential we understand where Covid-19 came from — and that includes taking a critical look at the lab leak hypothesis.

Inverse Interviews

Superman crushed the KKK in 1946. Here's why he's doing it again in 2020.

“The ideas driving the Klan seem to be making a resurgence.”