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power play
Why a specific view of masculinity gave rise to Donald Trump — study
Ali Pattillo
Political action can be unconsciously swayed by one pivotal belief system.
The Inverse Interview
'Animaniacs' 2020 songs explained: From "Yakko's World" to Trump jokes
Rafael Motamayor
Series veteran Randy Rogel and the reboot's new songwriters tell Inverse how they updated the show's music without losing what made Animaniacs great.
Beyond Fortnite
‘Destiny 2: Beyond Light’ live event trumps ‘Fortnite’ in the best way
Corey Plante
Fortnite wishes its in-game events were this awe-inspiring.
air conditioning
This Trump policy is a threat to coronavirus survival rates — study
Ali Pattillo
"Let the science speak."
Neither Biden or Trump were ready for the election's surprise issue
David Grossman
In Pennsylvania, critical to the election, both back fracking in the pursuit of natural gas — consequences be damned.
Not good
Why Trump fired a career climate scientist a week before the election
David Grossman
NOAA is crucial to modern science. Here's why Trump's recent move is so dangerous
Game Guides
'Among Us': How to update and avoid Eris Loris' Trump 2020 spam
Danny Paez
Eject the cheaters.
Voters, Assemble!
Kamala Harris compares Trump to Thanos in a Zoom reunion with the Avengers
Dais Johnston
"He held the fate of the universe in his hand, and right now we're looking at someone who is denying science."
Deep roots
The one theory Trump gets wrong about forest management
David Grossman
Forest fires keep burning up across the globe. A new study underscores an aspect of forest management that everyone has missed.
Pandemic Meets Infodemic
Trump's positive coronavirus case could set off an important ripple effect
Emma Betuel
Trump's positive Covid-19 test may set the pandemic and the "infodemic" on a collision course.
tick-tock, tick-tock
'PUBG' ban: Why India could be a bellwether for Trump's app stance
David Grossman
A ban in India proves to be the latest blow in techno-nationalism. Analysts are worried about the repercussions.
TikTok Tantrum
Trump Tencent ban: What it means for 'League of Legends,' 'Fortnite,' and more
Tomas Franzese
Trump's ban of TikTok and Tencent has befuddled the games industry. Here's why.
Inverse Interview
'Radioactive' director Marjane Satrapi on Marie Curie, comics, and Trump
Eric Francisco
Radioactive director Marjane Satrapi thought she knew the story of Marie Curie. "I realized I only knew five-percent," she says. "I didn't know who she was."
Elon Musk is right to call out Donald Trump over flawed visa logic
Mike Brown and David Grossman
President Trump suspended foreign work visas, a dramatic move that has been criticized by tech firm leaders.
Trump is "worse than Thanos," says legendary Marvel Comics creator Jim Starlin
Eric Francisco
The creator of the biggest superhero movie villain of the 2010s just came out swinging against the "Bad Guy-in-Chief" on his Facebook page.
Hydroxychloroquine: New review of several studies shows flaws in research and no benefit of drug touted by Trump
C. Michael White
President Donald Trump says he has been taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventive for the coronavirus. A new review of several studies shows flaws in research and no benefits.
Inverse Codex
'Space Force': Netflix trailer, release date, preview for the Trump satire
Dais Johnston
Here's everything we know about Netflix's space-workplace comedy from the creators of The Office.
Gut Check
Hydroxychloroquine: A scientific review casts doubt on Trump-touted drug
Emma Betuel
"As a physician, I was just like 'do we know what this is doing?'"
A new study on COVID-19 is going to annoy Donald Trump in one key way
Sarah Sloat
Repeat after us: Social distancing matters. Social distancing works.
Coronavirus: Trump switching strategy could 'kill potentially millions', warns health expert
Mike Brown
The president has signaled that he could reconsider current measures.
'Avenue 5' is the best Trump parody of 2020 so far
Jake Kleinman
HBO's science fiction farce doesn't feel political on the surface, but 'Avenue 5' is actually the sharpest Trump satire we've seen in a while.
Bloomberg says he's Obi-Wan to Trump's Vader, so is Biden Luke Skywalker?
Jen Glennon
That's definitely not how the Force works.
More like ro-not amirite
Trump's trade wars paused 2019's robotic revolution
Thor Benson
Though automation is increasing every year, it appears Trump's trade wars slowed its growth in 2019.
Mind and Body
Trump's "vape ban" has a major loophole targeted at adult vapers
Emma Betuel
And the #WeVapeWeVote movement is taking credit.
Donald Trump becomes Jabba the Hutt as Mark Hamill skewers president & son
Jen Glennon
The Jedi Master comes out swinging. 
'Watchmen' draws an unmistakably bold line to Trump's alleged KKK links
Eric Francisco
"This Extraordinary Being" makes broad but clear strokes at the racist underpinnings of superheroes, with a possible Trump cameo.
Why the Snyder Cut could be HBO Max's trump card in the streaming wars
Tres Dean
Release it.
On video games, research debunks an antiquated idea from President Trump
Sarah Sloat
"There are so many ways of connecting online now, and those connections bring people together."
Study on Trump's Twitter habits reveals he has 4 tweet styles
Thor Benson
Researchers break down how Trump tweets.
Greta Thunberg, China, India, and No Trump: 5 UN Climate Summit Narratives
Nina Pullano
Here are five major stories heading into the UN's week-long climate summit.