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Sound of science
Noise pollution: What the future of the cricket means for Earth's fate
Tara Yarlagadda
A ripple effect is transmitting through nature.
tree hugging
To reduce pollution pockets, Los Angeles is using A.I. from Google
Sarah Wells
Google's A.I. could help Los Angeles meet its climate goals of planting 90,000 new trees by 2021.
Ocean pollution
Ocean pollution: These are the deadliest plastic items to sea animals
Britta Denise Hardesty, Chris Wilcox, Lauren Roman and Qamar Schuyler
So what's the solution?
Earth can’t escape this one type of pollution
JoAnna Wendel
From the top of the highest mountains to the bottom of the ocean, microplastics have taken over Earth.
Nine ways to stop water pollution at home
Kate S. Petersen
If you don’t want to drink it, don’t put it down the drain.”
Wake-up call
How bad is plastic pollution? Scientists reveal a staggering global estimate
Britta Denise Hardesty, Chris Wilcox and Justine Barrett
The problem is more urgent that ever.
Heat rising
Sun-heated streets can lead to air pollution spikes — study
Nina Pullano
The asphalt covering our roads and roofs is releasing potentially harmful particles into the atmosphere. Switching to green space can help.
Young Innovators
These teens want to solve plastic pollution through gene-editing
Maddie Bender
Owen Plourde and Raphaela De Marchi Padovani come up with ideas for a better future.
You can see American air pollution inequality from space
Nina Pullano
Satellite images reveal distinct boundaries in nitrous oxide pollution.
Are we doomed if we don’t curb air pollution by 2030?
Robert McLachlan
It’s right to focus on global warming of 1.5℃ and 2℃ in the first instance. The many manifestations of climate change — including heat waves, droughts, water stress, more intense storms, wildfires, mass extinction and warming oceans — all get progressively worse as the temperature rises.
We found the perfect spot on Earth to see if anti-pollution laws actually work
John French and Amy Y. Vittor
While greenhouse gases are warming Earth’s surface, they’re also causing rapid cooling far above us, at the edge of space.
A solution to pollution is actually a problem, PFAS study reveals
Nina Pullano
A potential solution is exacerbating our plastics problem instead.
How could Earth’s plastic pollution problem look by 2040? Here's what we predict.
Costas Velis and Ed Cook
During a visit to a bookstore a few weeks ago, we couldn’t help but stare at a display unit featuring no fewer than ten books telling you how to rid plastics from your daily life.
Longevity Hacks
Exercise counteracts a dangerous effect of air pollution
Ali Pattillo
"Exercise should be promoted even in polluted areas."
Air pollution exposure linked to higher COVID-19 cases and deaths – new study
Matt Cole, Ceren Ozgen and Eric Strobl
The global death toll from Covid-19 has now passed half a million.
Climate Crisis
Days with both extreme heat and air pollution are becoming more common
Yangyang Xu and Xiaohui Xu
...Which can’t be a good thing for global health
Air pollution and Covid-19: What we do and don’t know
Alastair Lewis
There are substantial overlaps between the roll call of conditions exacerbated by air pollution – strokes, heart disease, respiratory illness and more – and those now known to increase the mortality of COVID-19.
A real stinker
Robots that can sniff out chemical weapons and pollution are coming soon -- study
Sarah Wells
A sense of smell could unlock a new world for these robots.
Air pollution, Covid-19, and death: The perils of bypassing peer review
Paul Villeneuve and Mark Goldberg
The perils of bypassing peer review
How air pollution changed during Covid-19: 5 scientific images from down under
Elena Sánchez-García and Javier Leon
Have you recently come across photos of cities around the world with clear skies and more visibility?
Covid-19 and air pollution: These maps offer a rare glimpse at a low-carbon future
Paul Monks
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused industrial activity to shut down and cancelled flights and other journeys, slashing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution around the world
world, stop
Covid-19: Satellite data reveal global air pollution levels plummeting
Passant Rabie
There is a climate consequence to this outbreak.
Mind and Body
Can pollution masks really protect you? Here's what an analysis found.
Ian Colbeck
Wearing face masks has become an increasingly common way that people are trying to reduce their exposure to air pollution while walking or cycling.
Ain't no mountain high enough
Scientists find 240-year-old pollution from humans at ‘highest point on Earth’
Nina Pullano
The Himalaya's highest peaks have never been studied, but that doesn't mean they are untouched by humans.
Air pollution historian: "These past weeks have been a shock"
Nancy Cushing
Throughout history, Australian bushfires have spread smoke over our cities -- but this time it’s different.
A woeful prediction: Air pollution levels will remain constant in the '20s
Sarah Wells
Continued innovation and funding are going to be needed to curb CO2 emissions.
Climate crisis: 5 big recommendations to reduce air pollution, say experts
Hannah Hoag and Jack Marley
Experts around the world share their insights on the threat of a climate breakdown.
Satellite data shows US air pollution policies actually work
Nina Pullano
The view from space suggests that policies like the Clean Air Act have a real impact.
Cleaning up air pollution may have a surprisingly low-tech fix
Nina Pullano
Restoring natural areas could have big benefits for human health. 
Fossil fuel vs. electric cars: 3 factors that determine pollution
Md Arif Hasan and Ralph Brougham Chapman
Do electric cars emit less carbon than conventional vehicles, and how much less?