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Pence Breaks Tie in Senate Healthcare Vote, Obamacare Repealed
Rafi Letzter
It all came down to a handful of flip-flopping Republican Senators.
The House Votes to Repeal Obamacare: 5 Stats That Tell the Story
Cory Scarola
The final vote count was 217 to 213.
Trump's White House Asks for Obamacare Stories, Makes Embarrassing Typo
James Grebey
"White Hosue."
'Obamacare vs. American Health Care Act' Meme Skewers Republican Plan
Gabe Bergado
'Obamacare vs. the American Health Care Act.'
John Oliver: 6 Reasons Obamacare's Replacement Is 'Like a Thong'
Mike Brown
The 'Last Week Tonight' host slammed Republican plans to replace Obamacare.
Mind and Body
Scalia's Outraged Obamacare Dissent is Social Media Manna
Peter Rugg
He makes even the most inane arguments sound like vaudeville dialogue.