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Go outside
Pink Moon: You need to see the first supermoon of 2021
Passant Rabie
April’s full Moon is one of two supermoons of the year.
thank you, moon
Ever Given and 6 other reasons to be thankful for the Moon
Passant Rabie
The full Moon helped free the ship in the Suez Canal. It is also responsible for a lot more things than we may realize.
On Your Left
Falcon and Winter Soldier theory: Captain America may actually be on the moon
Alex Welch
Let’s talk about those moon theories.
New frontiers
Russia-China Moonbase: The U.S. now has a critical choice to make
Passant Rabie
China and Russia signed an agreement to develop and build a space station on or around the orbit of the Moon for scientific research.
SpaceX Moonshot: How to win a seat on Yusaku Maezawa's trip to the Moon
John Wenz
This Japanese billionaire is ready to be the Willy Wonka of the Moon.
bounce house
NASA Artemis Base Camp: 6 images of life on the Moon
Passant Rabie
As part of the upcoming Artemis mission, NASA is planning on building a base camp on the Moon.
lunar history
50-year-old lunar volcanic glass could reveal clues to how the Moon formed
Passant Rabie
We are one step closer to finding out whether the Moon is made of the same stuff as Earth.
look up!
Full moon February 2021: You need to see the only one this month. Here's how.
Passant Rabie
The "Snow Moon" will appear at its brightest on Saturday. Here's when to look.
Video reveals Apollo 14 astronauts' crucial mistake on the Moon
Passant Rabie
One small step...
Inverse Daily
What it takes to be the first woman on the Moon
David Grossman
An Inverse exclusive with a candidate for the mission.
And the winner is...
SpaceX vs. NASA: Why it matters who will get us to the Moon first
Ian Whittaker and Gareth Dorrian
The new space race is on.
lunar ambitions
NASA's Nicole Mann reveals the emotional reason she wants to be the first woman on the Moon
Passant Rabie
Astronaut Nicole Mann is one of 18 candidates selected for NASA's upcoming Artemis mission, and may be the first woman to walk on the Moon.
SpaceX Starlink: Elon Musk shares photo of Falcon 9 soaring past Moon
Mike Brown
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has shared an image of the firm's latest Starlink launch, which set a new record for rockets.
full moon rising
Sleep study reveals how the Full Moon influences our health
Kassidy Vavra
Research suggests our sleep habits could be written among the stars – and that the Moon’s cycle in particular may dramatically affect human sleep patterns.
look up!
You need to see the Wolf Moon shine in the sky this week
Passant Rabie
It's the second Full Moon of the winter season.
hidden elements
Saturn's moon Rhea has a mysterious material on its surface
Passant Rabie
Using data from the Cassini mission, scientists detected hydrazine on Rhea's surface — the first such detection in the Solar System.
Failure to Launch?
Video: Latest NASA test of Moon-bound rocket core ends abruptly, confusing scientists
Mike Brown
On Saturday, NASA's Space Launch System fired all four of its engines for the first time.
search party
NASA is doubling down on its efforts to find alien life at Jupiter’s moons
Passant Rabie
Mission not accomplished.
look up!
Full cold moon: When you can see the final full moon of 2020
Passant Rabie
The 'Cold Full Moon' will be the last of the decade.
Space in 2020
Why tardigrades spilled all over the Moon in 2020
Passant Rabie
The microscopic creatures have survived the harsh conditions of space before.
Small fry
NASA and Astrobotic video reveals a brilliant little moon rover's maneuvers
David Grossman
The rover has to be small and light, but incredibly tough. Here's what it looks like.
One of these women will be the first to set foot on the Moon
Passant Rabie
And they will not be the last.
Inverse Daily
China is bringing the Moon back to Earth
David Grossman
Or at least a little piece of it, for scientific research
Landmark mission brings Moon samples to Earth for the first time in 4 decades
Passant Rabie
We've waited 40 years for this.
a whole new world
First direct study of far side of the Moon reveal a "different world"
Passant Rabie
Chang'e4: The lunar lander that changed everything in 2020.
look up!
You need to see the Full Beaver Moon tonight
Passant Rabie
Bonus points if you can spot a lunar eclipse.
Full Moon 2021 calendar: Dates, times, nicknames for the brightest nights outside
Kate S. Petersen
Here's when to expect every Full Moon in 2021.
Moon Watch
Penumbral lunar eclipse: How to see the most elusive Moon event, day, and time
Kate S. Petersen
This kind of eclipse can happen several times a decade, but you will likely never notice it.
better view
Scientists want to build a telescope on the Moon to look at something even older
Passant Rabie
From the lunar surface, we'll be able to look at the universe' earliest stars.
shine bright like a diamond
Jupiter’s moon Europa may glow in the dark
Passant Rabie
Radiation makes this icy moon shine.