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The 5 questions you should expect at your next job interview
Stephen J. Bronner
Recent survey results reveal what you can anticipate, as well as a few surprises that might be headed your way.
Game Guides
'Bravely Default 2' secret job: How to get Bravemancer in the post-game
Giovanni Colantonio
There's a secret job in the new Switch RPG that might be the best in the game.
Inverse Codex
‘Final Fantasy 14: Endwalker’ release date, trailer, jobs, and Island Sanctuary
Just Lunning
The next expansion for 'Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn' is called 'Endwalker.' Here's what you can expect from the expansion and what it could mean for the MMORPG.
Why not both?
Joe Biden's plan to create jobs can succeed for one counterintuitive reason
Tara Yarlagadda
Biden is inheriting a Dumpster fire's worth of problems. When it comes to slowing climate change and creating jobs, he has no choice but to do both.
Looking for a job? How to use LinkedIn and get optimal results
Ali Pattillo
Job searching has gone online. What are the costs?
Boston Dynamics engineer reveals the 1 job that's perfect for aspiring roboticists
Chris Bentzel
"Don’t let a lack of prior experience deter you."
49 cheap products that make life so much better
By Christina X. Wood
I ask Amazon's Alexa to make my coffee every morning, and she does. Then, I drink a delicious smoothie that costs almost nothing. After that, I shower in a spa-worthy tub. Overall, I sleep well. My path is always well lit. My coffee is always hot.…
40 strange (but genius) things selling out fast on Amazon
By Christina X. Wood
Online shoppers are usually great at seeking out the deals. When something is awesome and inexpensive, they find it. And then —somehow — the word gets out. After that, it flies off the shelves. In fact, tons of Amazon products sell out fast like…
Inverse Interview
'Discovery' Season 3 star compares Saru's new job to Data becoming TNG captain
Ryan Britt
It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it.
Psychological fallout
Decade-long work study reveals how job insecurity can warp your personality
Lena Wang, Chia-Huei Wu, Mark Griffin and Sharon Kaye Parker
A growing body of research shows how work experiences shape personalities that can last a lifetime.
Rookie Year
Clifford V. Johnson has the coolest job in physics. Here's how he got there.
Emma Betuel
A scientist with an IMDb page explains how to shape your early career.
Worried about getting Covid-19 on the job? Here's what to expect
Elizabeth C. Tippett
If you’re returning to work after months sheltering in place, you may be worried it will put you and your family at increased risk of exposure to COVID-19.
Longevity hacks
Desk jobs and cognitive health: Study reveals an unexpected connection
Ali Pattillo
Research gives a whole new meaning to "brain training."
Work to live
People with these types of jobs live longer — study
Ali Pattillo
Your work environment can influence how long you live.
Flow: Peak job performance can be summed up with this 4-letter word
Ali Pattillo
Finding flow at work can unlock creativity, problem-solving, and fulfillment.
2 career coaches reveal tips for pivoting to a job you love
Stephen J. Bronner
“If you’re lit up about moving into a new arena, you should go for it.”
Job success relies on one key trait, and now there's a test for it
Stephen J. Bronner
And now there's a test for it.
Dad of boy part 2
‘God of War 5’ release date could be sooner than expected, job listing implies
Danny Paez
Santa Monica might have something else up its sleeve, too.
Going corporate
Video shows 'nightmare' Boston Dynamics robot has a boring job like everybody else
Thor Benson
It appears a robot built by Boston Dynamics that was once feared by many now has a day job.
Security fail
You had one job: Defense agency that handles secure communications hacked
Thor Benson
The hack may have revealed social security numbers and more of thousands.
From red to green
New report shows solar jobs leaving coal in the dust—especially in the South
Thor Benson
The solar industry is simply glowing.
Why you should be networking at your job
Stephen J. Bronner
It doesn't have to feel weird!
Pour One Out
Water filters are bad at one incredibly important job, study shows
Nina Pullano
Home water filtration systems vary greatly in how well they do their jobs.
Things are heating up
Amazon employees are risking their jobs to speak out about climate change
Thor Benson
The tech giant is the ultimate disrupter. Now #AMZNSpeakOut wants to disrupt from the inside.
'GTA 6' leaks: Rockstar job listing may confirm an unprecedented plot twist
Danny Paez
Rockstar's next-gen adventure is coming into focus.
You don't have to be a boss to stay healthy on the job
Inverse Staff
A sweeping new analysis has robust evidence that chronic lower back pain is higher in people who aren't managers. Here's how to change that.
'Killzone 5' PS5 release date: Job listing hints 'Horizon Zero Dawn 2' isn't happening soon
Danny Paez
Sorry Horizon Zero Dawn fans, Guerilla Games may be working on its multiplayer shooter instead.
'GTA 6' release date reveal and trailer may be coming soon, job post hints
Danny Paez
Rockstar seems to be gearing up for a big announcement.
The Green New Deal would create a lot of jobs
Thor Benson
We could create nearly 30 million more jobs than we otherwise would.
‘Breath of the Wild 2’ leaks: Job posts hint at fresh new look for sequel
Danny Paez
Nintendo has been quietly ramping up development for months.