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Mind and Body
Is a vegan diet healthy for your heart? Science reveals the surprising truth
Clare Oliver-Williams
Around half a million British people are now vegan, according to the Vegan Society.
Ingenuity Week
Science suggests making one change in your routine before starting a diet
Nick Lucchesi
Plus: Sci-fi robots vs. the real ones, Chevy has a new electric truck, and seafood is good, but, like, diversify.
Fast fact
Fasting before a diet might transform your microbiome
Sophie Putka
A new study suggests fasting can benefit difficult-to-treat metabolic problems.
Fish food
The best healthy seafood diet depends on one critical factor
Kaitlin Sullivan
It’s time to diversify what you eat, and what's in the water.
Green Eats
What diet is worst for the environment? Carbon footprint study reveals
Tara Yarlagadda
"Human food systems are a key contributor to climate change."
Powering up
2 simples changes to your diet that can maximize the Covid-19 vaccine
Margaret Rayman and Philip C Calder
Nutritionists explain how to make dietary changes before getting vaccinated.
check please
Neanderthal gut microbiome debunks 1 big myth about paleo diets
Sarah Wells
Researchers studied ancient fecal samples to better understand what the Neanderthal gut microbiome might have looked like.
Mind and Body
Scientists debunk a long-held theory about dieting
Adam Collins and Aoife Egan
Forget what you thought you knew.
Food facts
Is a vegan diet healthier? 5 reasons why health experts still aren't sure
Keren Papier, Anika Knüppel and Tammy Tong
To go vegan or to not...
Start fresh
10 diet tips for 2021 backed by scientific research
Ali Pattillo
2020 took a toll on the mind and body. Here's how to reboot your diet in the new year.
Ancient Mediterranean diets were rich in 3 unexpected foods
Claire Cameron
"We are now starting to understand how and when the diverse components of iconic cuisines came to be."
Know the facts
Plant-based diet: 6 things to know before making the switch
Mariana Lamas
New year, new food resolutions.
Food for thought
4 diet tweaks could fight off cognitive decline
Sarah Sloat
A new study is good news for cheese lovers.
Diet science
Health experts upend a common belief about the metabolic confusion diet
Adam Collins
Is it just another fad?
Longevity hacks
Two tweaks to the Mediterranean diet make it especially healthy for men
Ali Pattillo
The green Med diet may be even better than its precursor.
Leg Day Observer
Can you build muscle on a vegan diet? Why vegan powerlifters still get strong
Sam Reiss
A meat and potatoes discipline can survive without the meat.
Leg Day Observer
Why the best Thanksgiving diet includes giving yourself a break
Sam Reiss
Holiday eating doesn't have to be a source of anxiety.
Eat this, not that
The optimal diet for longevity comes down to this critical factor
Sarah Sloat
When it comes to macronutrients "people need to get away from ‘unidimensional’ thinking."
Mind and Body
2020 election stress eating: Experts explain how to overhaul a bad diet
Emma Betuel
"I think that most people probably can sort of reset from last week without doing anything drastic."
Sirt science
Sirtfood Diet: Nutritionists have a warning about the new diet trend
Clare Collins, Lee Ashton and Rebecca Williams
Is Adele onto something?
Leg Day Observer
The macros diet has one overlooked benefit you need to know about
Sam Reiss
The macros diet is, of course about the food you put in your body. But it's also about how it expands your mind.
The Abstract Podcast
Change your diet, change the future
Inverse Staff
In this episode, we discuss how changing what you eat not only shapes longevity but the planet’s health, too.
Leg day observer
Intermittent fasting: Powerlifting's longest-lasting diet, explained
Sam Reiss
Its origin helps explain IF’s limits and goals, and how it evolved past an athletic curiosity.
5 phytonutrient-rich food types to include in your diet for a health boost
Clare Collins
Coffee isn't the only food linked to a high phytonutrient content.
Puppy Chow
Can special diets protect aging dog health? Scientists test claims
Nina Pullano
New findings suggest that past research on diet does not apply to all dogs.
Eatin' good
How changing our diets could save the environment
JoAnna Wendel
Simple changes like eating less meat could help conserve thousands of acres of natural landscapes.
Eat Up
Changing our diet in 3 key ways could fundamentally alter climate change
Nina Pullano
A pair of studies argues it's time to reconsider our eating habits.
Fact vs. fiction
The truth behind what “reverse dieting” does to your body
Duane Mellor
What science has to say about the post-diet eating plan.
Food fuel
Going vegan: 5 factors to consider before switching to a plant-based diet
Taibat Ibitoye
A well-planned, plant-based diet can support good health at every age.
Mind and Body
Type 2 diabetes: eating a diet rich in fruit and vegetables daily lowers risk, study shows
Nita Forouhi, Ju-Sheng Zheng and Nick Wareham
The more fruit and vegetables consumed, the lower the risk.