Leigh Cuen

Leigh Cuen is a reporter from California. Her work has been published by TechCrunch, Vice, Business Insider, CoinDesk, Newsweek, Teen Vogue, Al Jazeera English, The Jerusalem Post, and many others.


Will Bitcoin hit 100k? Here's why it might actually happen

When it comes to Bitcoin, the question on everyone’s mind is usually “will the price go up?” But can the original cryptocurrency ever reach $100,000?

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India's Bitcoin billionaires shatter 1 huge cryptocurrency stereotype

Cryptocurrency is “empowering” a new generation of investors in India.


Is bitcoin mining bad for the planet? The truth is really about capitalism

Most critiques of cryptocurrency mining’s energy consumption are actually identifying the flaws in capitalism, not Bitcoin’s challenging design.


What are NFTs? Why blockchain might save the music industry

Musicians like Post Malone and Kings of Leon are selling music and merch using NFTs, which are essentially digital receipts for art stored on the blockchain.