Kate Willsky

Kate Willsky is a freelance writer based in California by way of Brooklyn. She covers a range of topics, including health, culture, food, and parenting. Her bylines include The Washington Post, VICE, SELF, Glamour, and Eater, and you can find more on her website.

Other notable literary endeavors include ghostwriting several books while working in the editorial department of Chronicle Books, penning a romance novel under a nom de plume, documenting her self-imposed solo reading of Ulysses during the early days of blogs, and reading Blue Train, Green Train 5 to 15 times in a row to her two-year-old without dissociating completely.

The Inverse Interview

Why men are so into space (and why that sucks for women)

Space, inherently, should interest all of us. We are literally made of stardust. Yet, while space feels deeply compelling to some, for many others it is unrelatable, inaccessible, and irrelevant.