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Life is unfair

Redemption of the Nerds: How Malcolm in the Middle predicted toxic nerdom

20 years after its premiere, the writers behind Malcolm re-examine its legacy in the Rick and Morty era.


Foolproof Moving Tips to Land the Home of Your Dreams, From a Serial Mover

After moving ten times in 11 years, you learn a few things.


FaceApp May Help Unlock a Genuine Psychological Benefit for Users

"There’s certainly the potential there for this trend to be something that helps people."


5G iPhone: New Render Depicts the Massive iPhone 10X-Like Overhaul for 2020

The totally notchless iPhone is on the way.


Prime Day 2019: Build Your Dream Home Office With 5 Productivity Deals

A one-stop-shop for your dream home office. 


Vacation Spending: 3 Reasons Your 2020 Vacation Is Going to Be So Baller

Start saving for next summer's bash now and really ball out. 


A.I. Masters Six-Player Texas Hold'em, a White Whale for A.I. Researchers

A.I. is outgrowing perfect information games. That's a big deal. 


Homeownership Is Overrated: Why "Shameful" Renting Deserves a Second Look

The opportunity costs of homeownership are considerable. 


Google Stadia: Is Stadia About to Jump the Gun on Cloud Gaming's Readiness?

A recent interview left room for doubts.


iPhone 11: Leaked CAD Flies Reveal Entire Chassis Lineup in Striking Detail

It's a shaping up to be a leaky iPhone summer.


PS5: What Sony Could Intend With Its Risky Plan to Target Hardcore Gamers

The PS 5 may wind up being more of a "niche" device. 


Sex in Self-Driving Cars Will Be Great (If You Don't Mind Being Watched)

It's been a long time coming. 


Bitcoin Bubble 2019: Why the Summer Rally Is Nothing Like the One in 2017

"This is not your neighbor that has $100 and wants to get into the game."


Live Your Best Millennial Life: 4 Money-Wasters You Should Ghost Forever

What are we wasting money on? Here are four places to look.


Libra Is a Great Idea, but Facebook Is a Terrible Home for It

A scandal-plagued company is the worst-possible face for a system like Libra.


Watch This YouTuber Retrofit a Tesla Model 3 Into a Working Pickup Truck

Simone Giertz ‏got sick of waiting for an electric pickup truck. 


Google Pixel 4 Leaks: Design, Camera, Specs, Notch, Other Rumors 

The smartphone industry's leakiest franchise has done it again. 


Survive Wedding Season With 3 Self-Care Tips From the Experts

It's not too late to have a plan. 


Tesla Pickup Truck: Elon Musk Teases When to Expect Our First Real Glimpse

The pickup truck may be revealed surprisingly soon.


A Single Congressman's Quote Explains Why Big Tech Is Getting Scared

A striking and rare political consensus is emerging.