Sunday Scaries

A TikTok famous burnout coach reveals 1 essential strategy for recovery

"Tiny betrayals of purpose" eventually lead to burnout.

A matter of time

Why experts say our ideas of time management are all wrong

Thinking of it in terms of productivity may not be right the way to go.

Working overtime

3 risk factors reveal the odds of developing a work addiction

A study of 187 workers revealed why work addiction happens to understand the impact on mental health.


8 reasons why the political argument against climate action is wrong


Can marijuana make you more creative in business? 4 billionaires who may agree

Smoking pot can help generate ideas — but there’s a catch, say scientists.

mirror mirror

Study reveals 1 counterintuitive technique helps men beat low self-esteem

Are you your own best role model?

Scaled Up

A sea salt company's total meltdown offers 2 teachings to save any business

Björn Jónsson, founder of sea salt maker Saltverk, had one of the worst years any business owner can imagine in 2020. Coming out of it, he has two vital lessons to share.

Scaled Up

Scaled Up

Scaled Up is an occasional interview series by Inverse with entrepreneurs. They share how almost everything went wrong while growing their business — and how they fixed it.


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4 essential strategies to reboot your life in 2021

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Black Lives Matter

7 video games by Black developers you can support right now