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Stolen Valor

Game devs aren't getting proper credit for their work — here's how to fix it

“Special Thanks” is sometimes an empty gesture.

Worker uprising

These exercise hacks help improve heart health in people with desk jobs

From taking the stairs and standing during calls, it all adds up.


Four low-key psychology hacks to increase life satisfaction for good

Stop and smell the roses, really.


3 essential questions about the Activision New York lawsuit, answered

“Egregious breaches of fiduciary duty” sure sounds pretty bad.


Japanese game studios are paying their employees more for a surprising reason

Shifting in the right direction.

Video Game Previews

Dune: Spice Wars feels lost in the sands of Arrakis

There’s such a thing as too complicated.

Inverse Codex

Everything we know about all 8 upcoming Star Wars games

More games than you can shake a lightsaber at.

Sunday Scaries

Remote work might make the most miserable side effect of office culture even worse

We know presenteeism causes harm. Presenteeism at home is another beast.

Sunday Scaries

Burned out? Here’s how you can recover, according to experts

Burnout is not a personal failing but a response to chronic job stressors.

Praise Kier!

Severance Season 2 renewed! Apple TV+ reveals plans for the sci-fi series

Here's everything you need to know.

Mind and Body

The 10 best subreddits for productivity tips, tricks, and brain hacks

If you want to up your productivity game and get things done, there are plenty of Reddit communities to help you — or guilt you to stay on task when you try and avoid what you should really be doing.

Mind and Body

Is there a best time to drink coffee? Plan your cups to optimize exercise, sleep, and alertness

Grab yourself a coffee and buckle up.


Stressed? Five psychologist-tested strategies to let it go and forgive

What to do when life kicks the crap out of you?


The brain’s boss: 3 hacks to retrain your brain and find focus in 12 minutes

There is an antidote to distracted living...

Mind and Body

How to quit short-term thinking: 3 psychology-backed strategies to go deeper

Go beyond the now.


Life edit: How to build new habits and break old ones

Find habits that you actually enjoy doing.