“This isn’t mischief. This is mayhem.”

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The Big Kang Theory

Eternals theory reveals Kang’s time-defying next appearance

“He Who Remains” may not be all who remains.

Into the Multiverse

'Doctor Strange 2' rumors could solve 'Loki' Season 2's biggest mystery

Stephen Strange is going to need all the help he can get in Multiverse of Madness.


'Ant-Man 3' theory solves a major 'Loki' mystery

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Spider Variant

'Spider-Man' theory reveals a mind-blowing Kang connection

Is Mr. Gryphon hiding in plain sight?


Why Marvel keeps knocking on the Devil’s door

Time is relative

Kevin Feige dropped a 'Loki' Season 2 bombshell. Here's what it means.

For all time, always, even two years from now.

The Inverse Interview

Is Doctor Strange 2 a horror movie? Heels creator Michael Waldron has the answer.

Loki’s showrunner talks about his new wrestling drama and teases what to expect in the Doctor Strange sequel.

Binge Watcher

'What If?' Episode 1 theory finally solves a 'Loki' mystery

Do we finally know the deal with that Peggy Carter variant?

Inverse Codex

Every Marvel Phase Four movie and Disney+ show coming 2021 and 2022

New movies, new heroes, new dates to add to your calendar.

Mischief Managed

'Loki' Season 2: Tom Hiddleston teases a dangerous new mission

Reuniting with Sylvie will be a top priority for Loki moving forward.

Mischief Managed

Loki has radically changed the MCU in one unexpected way

The Disney+ series redefines Marvel’s Phase 4 — and no, we’re not talking about the multiverse.

The Inverse Interview

Loki composer on Marvel callbacks, Kang Easter eggs, and the glory of theremin

Natalie Holt brings her own unique spin to the most chaotic Marvel character. Here's how she made 'Loki' sound so singular.