Inverse Daily Rewards

Inverse Daily readers,

If you are here, you care about our Inverse Daily rewards program: We created a game from your email opens – presenting that information to you, the reader, through a daily open counter at the bottom of our emails.

Thanks to your consistent feedback regarding the inaccuracies of our counters, we have heard your concerns and we hear you. Your frustrations echoed — and we thank you for your patience. After three years we’ve decided to remove this feature from our daily newsletter and we will no longer feature a rewards program through our email.

In these three years, email clients have ramped up their privacy measures, particularly the largest email clients. These measures have limited our tracking accuracy and complicated the systems we relied upon to make this game work. So it’s time to change!

What’s changing?

Inverse Daily will stay the same, but you will no longer be entered into a monthly gift-card giveaway when you read Inverse Daily. Also, the monthly open counter will no longer appear in your emails.

What about my lifetime stats?

We are working to preserve this aspect of our newsletter. Some of our readers have lifetime open counts that exceed 3,000+ newsletters — that’s a lot of reading! We want to reward your loyalty. You’ll continue to see your Lifetime Stats module appear in our newsletter going forward.

What’s next?

We’re working hard to bring new life to the entire Inverse newsletter universe! Stay tuned for even more exciting changes on the way in the coming weeks.

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