This EV-charging robot risks its life to save you a parking spot

ZiGGY can be summoned via an app to top up your electric vehicle and save you a parking spot in the process.

EV Safe Charge

EV safe charge is a company that produces charging solutions for the rising tide of electric vehicles in the country and its latest product, ZiGGY, is a roomba-like, mobile robot that can be deployed in parking locations to charge drivers’ cars.

EV Safe Charge
The fact that ZiGGY holds a space for you is part of the appeal.EV Safe Charge

ZiGGY is an on-demand EV-charging service that functions as follows:

- Users book a ZiGGY bot through an app

- The robot then holds a parking space for you, while directing you to its location

- As you approach the space, ZiGGY files out for you to park before re-locating behind your vehicle

- You confirm activation with the app, and then begin charging

EV Safe Charge

ZiGGY is an attempt to get ahead of parking infrastructure regulations, as the mobility of the robot eliminates an expensive re-configuration of a given parking area. The device also can offer another revenue source for both its EV charging and advertisement opportunities across its double-sided screens.

EV Safe Charge

Expect to see more EV-charging solutions hitting the market over the next few years as more and more people switch from ICE to electric. It’s hard to say if ZiGGY will be the bot to set the bar for charging solutions, but it at least gets points for being far out.

EV Safe Charge

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