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You have less than 12 hours to get this life-changing robot vacuum for under $200

At $105 off, stop wasting time vacuuming and mopping and let the Roborock E4 do the chores for you so you have more time for Netflix.

robot vacuum

If you've never owned a 'smart' robot vacuum, you're missing out. There's nothing better than coming home from work to a clean house.

Be lazy

Or just binge-watching Netflix while your vacuum does all the work.



You can find cheap robot vacuums with ease, but they usually have poor suction. However, this top-rated Roborock E4 has a ton of great reviews, and it's on sale today (3/3/21) only.

Get it for $194 at Amazon (Reg. $299.99)

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It goes over carpet, plus features Alexa app and voice controls.


The Roborock E4 is fast

This vacuum is 10% faster than most and has a massive battery so it'll never quit when the job is half-done (or get distracted by Instagram, like I do).

Roborock E4

Our favorite features are the built-in mop and water tank. The water tank helps clean floors or carpet and prevents dust, while the mop attachment literally mops the freaking floor. Yes!


- 2,000pa strong suction

- 5,200 mAh battery big enough to clean 2,000+ sqft

- 200-minute run time

- Automatic carpet boost (full suction)

- Edge sensors, dual gyroscopes, floorboard friendly

- Battery 'top off feature, and in-app 'spot cleaning'

- Alexa app remote & voice controls


It's also pet friendly and tough on hair.


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