Citroën's tiny electric buggy concept is actually an off-road beast

Citroën’s My Ami Buggy concept takes a beloved mini EV and turns it into the off-road car of your dreams.


Citroën is out to prove that just because an EV is small doesn’t mean it can’t be mighty. Introducing: the Citroën’s My Ami Buggy.


Country roads are where this car thrives. The My Ami Buggy is a rugged, off-road re-invention of the My Ami Electric, which is available in France for drivers as young as 14.

It’s basically what would happen if Jeep designed a Smart Car for people who like pickup trucks. Just look at that roof rack and the exposed spare tire on the top side. Or what about the bull bar at the front and grill coverings for the front and back lights. And those big tires with aggressive treading are made for getting into all sorts of trouble.


Along with the rest of the package, the My Ami Buggy looks mean and capable of anything, even late-night off-roading thanks to the large LED light bar.

Stealthily functional

Citroën is clearly trying its best to toe the line between ruggedness and practicality. For example, the lack of doors — which were removed to make you feel closer to nature — is a problem when it begins to rain. Citroën's solution is simple: removable rain covers with a zipper that can enclose the entire internal compartment.


Another possible issues is a lack of space, but the My Ami Buggy is designed with multiple compartments and bags for storage and travel. The yellow compartments besides the seat, which act as doors, can be detached and carried away thanks to the handle. There’s also a “bum bag” stealthily attached to the steering wheel, while a larger bag is stored underneath the dashboard and held by a bar.


Other features:

  • Protruding sun visor
  • Memory foam cushions
  • Removable side mirrors
  • Camera mount and multiple attachment points
  • “Pilot” and “co-pilot” stickers above door
  • 3D-printable accessories
  • Removable speaker

Never say never

Concept cars, like these Cyberpunk 2077-looking Hyundai ones, sometimes get us excited and then disappear forever — so it goes. But, with Citroën turning the My Ami Electric into a real car after initially announcing it as a concept, there’s a chance we might see this buggy after all. For what it’s worth, Citroën did mention the “My Ami Buggy Concept is just one of many variations that could be developed for Ami Electric in the coming months.” Fingers crossed!


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