Weird Sony: 5 of the company's most bizarre gadgets

Sony has a long and illustrious history of high-quality products. It also has a history of some oddities.



The Rolly was first announced in 2007. It's a Bluetooth speaker, an MP3 player, and bizarrely a sort of robot. The Rolly has two arms, two legs and two wheels that can either move under the user's commands or automatically wiggle in time to the music.



The lovable robot dog has had incredible staying power through the years. It first launched in 1999 as a "four-legged entertainment robot." In 2018, it launched a new iteration with a $2,899 price tag and the ability to develop a personality using artificial intelligence.

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Xperia Eye

The Xperia Eye concept gadget was displayed at the 2016 Mobile World Congress. The wearable camera uses a wide-angle lens to capture the action without needing to worry about framing or getting the camera out.



The $19.95 eMarker was a simple device: when you hear a song on the radio that you like, you press the button. It then plugs into a USB port and connects to a website, where you can find out the name of the song and even buy it.


Future Experience Program N

This concept gadget detailed in 2016 does it all. It's a neckband with both speakers and headphones, a voice assistant, satellite navigation to provide contextual info, and even a camera that can rotate itself to take photos on command.

The gadget was designed to use four microphones and a mix of cloud and on-device voice recognition.

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