watchOS 7: The 5 biggest features coming to the Apple Watch

5. Fitness

What it is: watchOS' renamed Activity app, the new Fitness app, features a redesigned interface to make data easier to access. Users will also be able to track their dance moves, measuring how many calories they burned.

Why it's cool: Fitness is one of the Apple Watch's most integral features, and this should make it faster than ever to get to the most important data.


4. Sleep

What it is: watchOS supports sleep tracking, measuring the accelerometer's movement throughout the night to understand how much high-quality sleep a wearer got during the night.

Why it's cool: Sleep tracking is one of the most often-requested features for the Apple Watch, and it's coming this fall.


The percentage of U.S. adults that don't get enough sleep.

Source: CDC study, 2018


3. Cycling directions

What it is: Apple Maps now supports cycling directions, telling wearers when to walk instead, or when to take the stairs. Users can also switch between routes that avoid hills, get there fastest or get there with the most direct path.

Why it's cool: Cycling directions could be one of the watch's killer features, as it enables wearers to get active while providing a way to keep an eye on directions.


2. Translations

What it is: Siri can now translate between 10 languages, enabling hands-free switching when out and about.

Why it's cool: Anyone that's found themselves with their hands full when abroad will understand the problem. Siri jumping in to save the day could avoid some unfortunate misunderstandings.

1. Hand Washing

What it is: The Apple Watch will now use the microphone and motion sensors to detect when the wearer is washing their hands. This will start a 20-second timer, the recommended amount of time for good hygiene.

Why it's cool: In this COVID-19 world, Apple's new feature could help wearers keep afloat of whether they've spent enough time cleaning their hands.

“Our approach here is using machine learning to determine motion which appears to be hand washing ... and then use audio to confirm the sound of running water or squishing soap.”

Kevin Lynch, VP, technology at Apple

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