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Watch this dance number bring humans and robots together

A collaboration between Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State has given us dancing with the humans and non-anthropomorphic robots.

Humans aren’t always trusting of robots, but that doesn’t mean our relationship with machines has to be fraught.

FOREST is the result of a National Science Foundation (NSF) venture meant to enhance trust between humans and robots through sensations like sound and gesture.

Georgia Tech
I don’t remember this Black Swan scene. Georgia Tech

The project was undertaken by members of both Georgia Tech’s Center for Music Technology and Kennesaw State’s dance program — FOREST involves generative choreography, computer vision, and more.

Georgia Tech
The robots make use of choreography that is generated by computational processes.Georgia Tech

This isn’t the first robotic musicianship project that Gil Weinberg has headed.

Georgia Tech’s center for music technology has also designed a prosthetic hand for finger-by-finger operation, to help amputees play instruments.

Georgia Tech

While understanding the fears that robots naturally present, Weinberg wants the public to look at the creative potential they contain. This sentiment was the driving force behind FOREST.

Georgia Tech

For a more in-depth look at FOREST you can find one here. The performance will be displayed live in concert on December 11 at Georgia Tech’s Caddell Flex Space

Georgia Tech

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