Watch this expensive drone zoom through a busy bowling alley

This single-take short is a feat of drone-enabled moviemaking and piloting prowess.

What would happen if drone racing and moviemaking collided? Probably not a question most would ask, but one that we have an answer to nonetheless, thanks to a recently released (and extremely fun-to-watch) short film titled, “Right Up Our Alley.”

The short, directed by Anthony Jaska and posted to the YouTube account jaybyrdfilms, is a one-take rip through Bryant-Lake Bowl and theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota, that captures a real-time slice of what appears to be a pretty rad bowling and movie-watching session.

It’s like The Revenant for bowling.

While the short itself is mostly for promotional purposes, the production is nothing short of movie magic. It’s easy to marvel at the final product and even easier to marvel at the drone-piloting skill that enabled it.

And given the specific drone used in filming these shorts (a $1,300 DJI FPV), you’d better hope whoever is piloting this thing knows what they’re doing.

Watch this drone adeptly slip over the pinsetter into the back of the alley

Felt that one right in the wallet.

This isn’t the only one-take drone feat from jaybyrdfilms. The team has also crafted similar send ups of Minnesota-based businesses, including this wild one-take tour of the Mann Theatres Plymouth Grand 15 in Plymouth.

Or this tracking shot of a motorcycle in a mall

Jaska and jaybyrdfilms have definitely set the bar pretty high here for drone videography, which if not immediately evident upon watching, is corroborated by high praise from director James Gunn on Twitter.

Though, to be honest, we don’t need Gunn to tell us that this drone-captured motorcycle stunt just really, really owns.

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