Watch this electric jetpack make its public debut

The piece of machinery was developed by Ascend Dynamics and it is the latest step in a project geared towards commercial availability.

Ascend Dynamics

The SkyPak V1 is a proof of concept, all-electric flying backpack developed by Daniel Gant of Ascend Dynamics. The personal aircraft is based on drone technology and is capable of vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), while giving users a total field of vision.

Ascend Dynamics

All of the rotors that power the SkyPak sit behind the passenger, opening up a more free-flowing flight experience.

The SkyPak V1 was intended to prove the value of the concept by providing information on the viability of the aircraft design.Ascend Dynamics
There’s something about this device that evokes a David Cronenberg contraption. Ascend Dynamics

In the future the SkyPak could be used in lots of different arenas, including:

- Search and Rescue

- Bridge Inspections

- Communication Tower Maintenance

- Power Transmission Line Maintenance

- Wind Turbine Maintenance

Ascend Dynamics

While the SkyPak V1 is still a prototype, Gant intends on creating a piloted version with guards around the rotors and increased power — right now you can check out the project’s Patreon page here to stay informed on updates and contribute if you are so inclined.

Ascend Dynamics

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