Watch Samsung show off its wild stretchable display

It's just so... bendy.

Samsung is back with more teasers of its stretchable display, this time with a video demo of just what the futuristic technology can do.


In a demo showed at the Global Tech Korea conference, Samsung showed off a 13-inch stretchable OLED display, according to Korean outlet, ET News. Unlike current generations of foldable displays, the stretchable tech can theoretically do more than just enable new form factors.

Because the screen can be stretched in three dimensions, Samsung says the malleable display can actually be used to convey texture and motion more realistically. In its demonstration video, you can see how the screen bends and morphs in relation to the video of lava flowing.

Demo aside, stretchable displays are still very much a work in progress. Samsung initially showcased the technology in 2017, and similar displays — ones with application in wearables — have also been the subject of more recent academic papers.

This screen wraps around a wearer’s wrist

It could eventually be used in medical devices according to Samsung researchers.

It’s obviously going to be a little while before you can go around bendy screens, but given Samsung’s relative success with pioneering consumer-ready new display technology with its foldables, it might not be too much of a... stretch.

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