Watch Rivian's electric pickup truck conquer Moab's toughest climb

Rivian's stock R1T makes Moab's infamous Hell’s Gate scramble look relatively easy.

It’s Rivian’s electric pickup truck’s turn to prove itself in Utah’s Moab Desert.

Martin Klima / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

In a video posted onto YouTube this week, a stock version of Rivian’s R1T was spotted tackling Hell’s Gate in Utah’s Moab Desert. If you’re not familiar with that pass, just take a look at this video. Let’s just say... it’s a little steep.

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Rivian’s truck is far from the first vehicle to traverse Hell’s Gate, but the feat does put it among a select few EVs to do so (Ford’s electric Bronco was spotted climbing the pass in May... backwards). It also proves just how much power you can expect to get once this thing is finally released.

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Recently Rivian’s R1S, a high-powered electric SUV, was also spotted tackling some pretty steep climbs in Moab, though nothing even close to this level of treacherousness.

While not equal challenges, both demos from Rivian’s upcoming EVs have pretty much the same takeaway, which is that the company is clearly out to prove that its R1S and R1T are just as powerful (if not more) than your typical gas-guzzling power trucks and SUVs. And with results like this...

It’s hard to argue


Rivian's R1T is expected to ship in early 2022.

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