Watch Hummer's electric SUV plow up the side of a mountain

GMC's new electric Hummer has some serious off-road chops.

We’ve already known that Hummer’s new high-power electric SUV can do a lot of stuff, like crab walk, burn rubber, and turn on a dime, but it’s one thing to hear about all those cool next-gen features and it’s another to watch them in action.

And yet another thing to watch them in action on a mountain.

In a new video from GMC, Hummer shows off some of the Hummer’s off-roading skills with a hardcore demo in the Moab Desert. Among other things, the trial includes cameos from next-gen features like extract mode.

Watch the suspension lift off the ground to avoid rocks.

This gives the SUV about six extra inches of clearance.

GMC busted out four working prototypes for this one.

Hummer’s new EV will also come with “Terrain mode” which allows you to accelerate and decelerate with just one pedal. The idea here is that using just one pedal will avoid making you clumsily toggle between a separate brake and accelerator pedal while trekking up difficult terrain.

While there’s nothing completely groundbreaking to Hummer’s new demo, watching the SUV trudge up a mountain is pretty satisfying. Satisfying enough to drop $80,000 on? We’ll let you be the judge of that.

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