Watch this cookie-shaped flying saucer take its first untethered flight

It's a plane, it's an M&M, it's well, we don't really know what it is.

Slowly, but surely, flying electric vehicles, also known as eVTOL’s, are becoming more of a reality. But just because they’re inching toward fruition doesn’t mean they’re becoming any less eye-catching.


For proof: a flying cookie.

This flying electric circle is made by a company called Zeva (surprisingly not a prescription medication), and recently enjoyed its first ever untethered test flight, which rather than describe, we’ll just show you...

According to Zeva, the test flight, which was uncrewed, lasted for about four minutes and showcased “controlled hovering, simulated taxiing maneuvers at slow speeds, and limited vertical climb maneuvers.”

While tentative for now, the company says its craft will eventually be able to reach speeds of 160 mph with a range of 50 miles. The speed and range, according to Zeva, would make this sci-fi cookie ideal for “point-to-point” travel — that is, pending your office has a space to park a flying saucer.

Zeva says this mad science experiment will be available for purchase next Spring, though you might want to start saving, or selling your house if you have one, because it’ll debut at $250,000. It’s hard to predict the future, but clearly it’ll be expensive.

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