Watch Daymak's speedy three-wheeled EV take its first public test drive

It might just be a jaunt around a parking lot, but we got to see the Spiritus in action.

Canadian company, Daymak, is intent on actually bringing its set of wild electric vehicle concepts to life.

In a recently released video, it showcased the Spiritus prototype — a three-wheeled electric vehicle capable of reaching top speeds of 85 mph. While the live demo didn’t exactly demonstrate top speeds (lots of parking lot driving), it’s nice to see the Spiritus do its thing IRL.

If you’re among the doubters that the Spiritus will/can exist you couldn’t be blamed. Daymak has already turned to gimmicks to gin up interest in the EV, announcing last month that the Spiritus will also be able to — get this — mine cryptocurrency.

Even with that gimmicky approach to marketing, however, you can’t argue with its video demonstration — the Spiritus is a real, drivable, EV. The company claims that it has already received $250 million in preorders across its whole electric lineup, too, so your moving crypto-mining machine dreams might come true after all.

For now, you’ll have to savor this very banal parking lot footage.

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