Watch Boston Dynamics' robot dog dance just like Mick Jagger

Spots creepy stunts continue with a perfect rendition of some Rolling Stone dance moves.

Boston Dynamics, world purveyor of disconcertingly advanced robots, is no stranger to a publicity stunt. We’ve seen synchronized dance numbers, a collab with K-pop stars BTS, lots of parkour, and now...

Mick Jagger moves.

Anadolu Agency/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

Boston Dynamics’ most recent stunt employs several of the company’s quadrapedal bots, Spot, for a coordinated dance number set to The Rolling Stones,’ “Start Me Up” — a single off the band’s album, Tattoo You, which is celebrating a 40-year anniversary.

As we mentioned previously, this isn’t the first time we’ve seen intricate choreography from Spot, but it's definitely another feather in the cap of Boston Dynamics. It can be hard to remember with so many publicity stunts, but robotic agility like this is still quite a feat.

Sure, it’s not quite as important as developments like Boston Dynamics partnership with National Grid, where Spot will be enlisted to help conduct routine safety checks at natural gas and electrical sites in New York and Massachusetts, but it’s definitely more entertaining.

We’ll take dancing over police work any day.


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