Watch Volcon’s fat-tire electric motorcycle easily traverse a river bed

The electric two-wheeler is a silent, off-road menace.


The Volcon Grunt occupies sub-genre of the electric motorcycle umbrella. It’s built specifically for off-roading and aside from a robust set of specs that include two 26-inch oversized tires and a top speed of 40 mph, the vehicle can venture where other gas equivalents cannot — sometimes through water.

The Grunt can brave the most extreme conditions, including being submerged underwater.Volcon

Whereas a typical gas-powered vehicle needs air for its internal combustion engine, electric vehicles are powered by a sealed battery and motor, thereby allowing them to withstand the elements like heavy rain, snowfall, and in this case, the total envelopment of a river.

Work and Play: The Grunt is both a utility vehicle and a joy ride

The bike is capable of towing up to 750 pounds, and is equipped with three different ride modes that range from Stroll (low-speed) to Sport (fastest setting).

The Grunt isn’t the only off-roading vehicle that Volcon plans on manufacturing — a four-wheeled UTV dubbed the Stag is also set to be rolled out this year. Until then all the trail-riding enthusiasts will have to settle for two wheels.


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