Toyota's next electric SUV will copy Tesla’s steering yoke

Tesla’s Model S and Toyota’s BZ4X prove yoke steering is having a moment right now.

Toyota's BZ4X electric SUV with yoke steering option. EV. Evs. electric vehicles

As far as electric vehicles are concerned, it’s the year of the yoke.

New conceptual images of Toyota’s BZ4X, an electric SUV slated for release in 2022, show a steering yoke similar to the recently released Tesla Model S.

Toyota says its yoke will be part style and substance, allowing drivers to maneuver the vehicle without changing their grip and theoretically improving the ease with which drivers can make U-turn.

If you’re not into trendy turning mechanisms, then Toyota will still let you opt for a regular, old wheel, though you’ll have to live with the reality of being slightly less cool than all of the hip yokesters.

Outside of the yoke, the BZ4X will also come with a futuristic floating infotainment center (also somewhat Tesla-esque), regenerative braking, and a solar roof that adds just a bit more mileage (about 1,800 km per year according to Toyota).


The BZ4X is set to be released globally mid next year.

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