This YouTuber built a 'breathing' PC that cools without any fans

The man behind YouTube channel, DIY Perks, managed to construct a rig that cools without any noisy fans.

DIY Perks

Have you ever thought about what a self-cooling PC build would like? Well, the brain behind DIY Perks, a YouTube channel focused on highly sophisticated DIY gadgetry, has made that abstract idea a reality.

DIY Perks
Here you can see the size of the final buildDIY Perks

The breathing PC manages to keep the heat generated by the system to 62° C. It’s a pretty remarkable figure considering the components used in the build, which includes both an AMD 5950x and a Zotac RTX 3080.

DIY Perks
Within the top section of the build you can see how the PC components are cooled by passive valves on either side that open/close from air pressureDIY Perks

The genesis of this project stems from a homemade bellow system that can move air without the use of fans — obviously the logical follow-up would be to incorporate the device into a high-powered PC.

DIY Perks
The soundless movement within the bellow system was created through the combination of acrylic sheets, water, and some magnetsDIY Perks

Here’s a more comprehensive list of the PC components used in the rig:

- AMD Ryzen 9 5950x processor

- Zotac RTX 3080 graphics card

- Crucial 64g RAM kit

- Alphacool Eisbaer (solo) CPU block

DIY Perks

Of course this project didn’t proceed without any hiccups — during its construction a crucial piece of the bellow system broke and the magnet piece being transferred through acrylic tubing had to be enlarged in order to fit a new tube.

DIY Perks
To better understand all the details of the build process you can check out the full video here. In the meantime try to imagine what a noiseless rig might do for your general sanityDIY Perks

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