CES 2021

This next-gen Rubik's Cube is actually a mixed-reality game console

Who said the Rubik's cube is dead?

The Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 might be the most powerful game consoles ever made, but not everyone is into frame rates or AAA games with ray tracing. If you're more of an old-school gamer, say Rubik's Cube-level old, we've got something you might want to see.


Presenting: the Wowcube Entertainment System

This little gadget, which was presented during CES 2021, is a modular gaming console that actually consists of 8 separate cubes, each with three displays and a CPU inside for a grand total of 24 separate displays.


The modules connect magnetically to form a bigger cube that can be twisted, shaken, and tilted during gameplay. This allows players to interact with objects on the device as well as objects virtually inside the cube to create a mixed-reality experience.

Games for the Wowcube vary in style, from Rubik's cube-like puzzles that require players to twist the console until a shape is completed, to more arcade style games like Pac-Man that integrate the cube's unique architecture.


There are currently 19 downloadable games for the Wowcube.

Wowcube doesn't stop being useful when you're not using it for puzzles. It also doubles as a smart display that can show different widgets like the weather, email, or a world clock.

There's also an integrated photo feature that will display a slideshow of your pictures as well as an option to connect the Wowcube to your social media profile, on Instagram for example.

Alternatively, if you're not looking for entertainment or practicality, it also has an ambient mode that will turn the cube into more of a digital art display or night light.


Wowcube won't come cheap, however.

It's hard to say whether Wowcube will be worth the fairly hefty price tag, but from a design perspective, it's hard no to be intrigued.


The Wowcube can currently be pre-ordered and will, according to its makers, ship at the end of 2021.

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