These ports make Apple's new MacBook Pros a lot more convenient

I think we speak for everyone when we say: “Death to the dongle.”

Two 2021 MacBook Pros from Apple

Ports might not be the sexiest feature, but if you’ve ever used a dongle, you know just how critical they can be. Luckily, Apple is once again heeding the importance of ports with its newest 2021 MacBook Pro lineup. Here are all the additions (or re-additions) poised to make your life a lot easier...

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HDMI ports have been absent in the MacBook Pro lineup since 2015, so a resurrection has been a long time coming. The ability to swiftly connect your laptop to an external monitor will likely be welcomed by all Mac users, especially those using their Pro for video editing.

MagSafe 3

MagSafe has been absent from Apple laptops since 2017 when it was discontinued with the introduction of that year’s iteration of the MacBook Air. Now, MagSafe is back and the 2021 MacBook Pros will all come equipped with MagSafe 3, a redesigned iteration that dumps more power into its system than any previous version, according to Apple.


It’s been a long drought for Mac users in need of an SD card slot, but for the first time since 2015, MacBook Pros will now be able to accept SD cards directly. Photographers and videographers everywhere are no doubt celebrating.

Thunderbolt 4

Both models of MacBook Pro will have three Thunderbolt 4 ports (two on the left, one on the right) for “connecting high-speed peripherals.” Thunderbolt 4, which is actually an Intel technology (awkward), is capable of 40Gbps of bandwidth both ways and can be used for connecting monitors or transferring high-speed data. They’re also where you’re going to plug in those dongles you’ve accrued when you need to connect USB-A devices.

Headphone jack

The headphone jack may be endangered, but it isn’t quite dead yet. New MacBook Pros will have a 3.5mm jack that Apple says supports high-impedance headphones for those who might be producing music or sound editing.

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