These electric vehicles look like the stuff of sci-fi is made of

Daymak unveiled several electric vehicle concepts including a mysterious flying vehicle.

The Avvenire line of electric vehicle concepts from Daymak

"Futuristic" is a word that gets thrown around a lot, especially when it comes electric vehicles, and while not all of those entrants may earn that designation, this concept line from Daymak definitely does.

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The Avvenire line, unveiled this month, outlines several new electric vehicles, including some single-passenger vehicles with a heavy dose of solar power, an e-bike, and even a flying EV. Let's start with the more mundane concepts (if you can call them that)...


The Terra is an electric bicycle concept from Daymak that comes with several nifty features, including the ability to charge via on-board solar panels and 100 km (60 miles) of range. The bike will also come with integrated LED lights, stereo speakers, USB charging, and GPS. Daymak says it will start shipping sometime next year, but it won't come cheap...


The Terra will start at $3,500.



The Foras may look like a more full-scale electric vehicle, but the concept is actually an enclosed recumbent bike in which riders lean back to pedal. Daymak says it comes equipped with a GPS and a backup camera. It will also apparently have an impressive 200 km (125 miles) range.

The backup cam doing its backup cam thing.


The Foras will start at almost $5,000.



The Tectus is a three-wheeled e-scooter with all-wheel drive that Daymak says is designed for both on-road and off-road driving. Like the other concepts, it's also being envisioned as having solar charging capabilities, and potentially even autonomous features. Deliveries will apparently start in 2022.


The Tectus will start at almost $5,000.



Daymak's Aspero is being billed as an "electric ATV" and can be used as a "recreational vehicle, farming vehicle aid, hunting, camping or whatever your heart desires," according to the company. The vehicle has 200km (125 miles) of range and can be equipped with a plow or a hitch.


The Aspero will start at $6,500.



The Spiritus is a more proper two-seater electric vehicle with a fairly sturdy 400km range (250 miles). Daymak says the vehicle will go up to 60 mph and can charge in about two hours. Since this is inching towards a proper electric car, the price reflects that.


The Spiritus will start at $18,000 and start delivering in 2023.



And finally, Daymak's most far-out concept is... an actual flying car. Details on the futuristic flying vehicle (aptly dubbed the Skyrider) are pretty vague. There's a chance that at this point, it's more of a moonshot than an actual vehicle, but according to Daymak, the electric saucer is on the way...

"Imagine a future where there are no roads, no traffic, no pollution, commute to your work in minutes, fully autonomous fly from point a to point b. This is our dream and we are going to develop it."



As you might expect, there is no going price for the Skyrider.


All of these concepts can currently be pre-ordered with a deposit, though we can't fully recommend that someone put their hard-earned cash down on any vehicle that doesn't at least have a working prototype (these are all just renderings after all.) If nothing else, we can get excited for what the future of electric mobility may have in store, flying or not.


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