The Royal Marines are testing out an actual jet suit

Like Iron Man, but real.

If you’re a pirate marauding unsuspecting ships on the open sea, we can only assume that the only thing worse than encountering a vessel full of marines is encountering a vessel full of flying marines.

Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If that’s the case, we’ve got some bad news, pirates.

The British Royal Marines recently showed off a video testing out a jet suit that allows the wearer — in this case a trained soldier — to lift off from a boat, soar through the air, and safely land on another moving ship.

Once the flying marine lands, he drops down a ladder for the rest of his compatriots who can then presumably board the ship and carry out the hypothetical mission.

The rope climbing part isn’t quite as swift, however.

The jet suit itself is made by Gravity Industries and is being tested as a means of quickly boarding enemy vessels on search and seizure missions. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the jet suit demonstrated in a military capacity. Just last month, the Netherlands Maritime Special Operations Force also partnered with the company to carry out a similar exercise.

Military operations aren’t the only arena that could benefit from a human in a flying suit. Gravity Industries has also tested out its Iron Man contraption for applications in disaster relief and, on a less practical level, in sport.

Jet suit racing anyone?

Though it’s not likely you’ll see hobbyists flying around in a jet suit any time soon, the pockets of defense apparatuses tend to run deep, so there’s at least a possibility Gravity Industries’ jet suit might make a non-demonstration impact at some point in the near future, which means...

May want to put your piracy plans on hold.

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