The Grunt is a fat tire e-motorcycle you may actually be able to afford

Volcon's recently unveiled Grunt will appeal to e-motorcycle enthusiasts who want to off-road on a budget.

Volcon Grunt fat-tire e-motorcycle.

The electric motorcycle market is getting another competitor. Volcon, a Texas-based electric vehicle startup, recently took the wraps off its upcoming fat tire electric motorcycle, the Grunt, which has some eyebrow-raising specs and an even more enticing price tag.

100 miles

The Grunt will have a pretty impressive 100-mile range, according to Volcon.



It will also retail for a relatively affordable $5,995.


The Specs

Horsepower: up to 50

Torque: 102 Nm

Acceleration: 0 – 60 mph in 6 seconds

Top speed: 60 mph

Range: up to 100 miles

For comparison, Zero's all-electric SR/F motorcycle costs $20,000

While the upsides are clear, there are still some pretty major questions about the Grunt. For instance, it's unclear whether the bike will be road-legal. As noted by Electrek, its lack of turn signals and plate hanger suggests it'll be off-road only (at least for now).

Even if the Grunt is released as a dirt bike initially there's a chance that it could eventually find its way to streets. Electrek also notes that Swedish company Cake and UBCO out of New Zealand both released off-road e-motorcycles before offering street-legal versions down the road.

The Grunt isn't the only EV Volcon has up its sleeve. Renderings show the startup also has plans for two UTV's, although the only proof that they exist are a few renderings on its website.

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Volcon plans to release the Grunt in Spring next year.

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