Tesla’s voice-shifting Sentry Mode is as creepy as it is gimmicky

Modulating your voice probably isn't going to save your car from being jacked, but it does sound pretty cool.

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Tesla has never shied away from gimmicky product placement or full blown joke feature, but new additions to Sentry Mode have once again pushed boundaries in the automotive inane.


In case you’re unfamiliar, Sentry Mode is a Tesla feature first introduced in 2019 that allows owners to activate a suite of security measures (video-enabled threat detection, recording, display alarms, and mobile notifications), designed to help keep you abreast of your vehicle remotely.

Recently, however, Tesla has been augmenting Sentry Mode to also include a remote viewing experience that leverages the car’s Autopilot cameras and for newer models equipped have an external speaker, a novel, much creepier, ability...

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Very weird modulated voice messages.

@dezmondOliver on Twitter

In theory, this creepy voice modulation would help ward off prospective car jackers, though if Tesla’s preexisting full-blast alarm and flashing lights don’t already do that, it seems unlikely said thieves will be deterred by something you can do with a Nest cam.

Gimmick or not, the feature is currently being rolled out as a part of this year’s 2021.36.8 update and, as we mentioned before, is only available to those Tesla owners with external speakers — A.K.A. models made after 2019. On the bright side, we suspect your Tesla will be safe without fancy modulation.

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