Super73's C1X concept blurs the line between electric bike and motorcycle

Super73 knows e-bikes are a gateway to something faster.

The C1X electric motorcycle/electric bike hybrid from Super73.

If gateway drugs exist, electric bikes might make the list. As pleasing as an e-bike ride may be, sometimes you just need something way, way faster. That’s where Super73’s new C1X concept comes in.

Super73 has made a name for itself selling an increasingly wide array of premium electric bikes, but the C1X concept seeks to give riders a definitive “next step,” by delivering what the company bills as “motorcycle performance” wrapped in a more welcoming e-bike package.

Ready for the racetrack and the road.Super73
The C1X will also come in a more muted grey.Super73

To bring its electric motorcycle stepping stone to fruition, the C1X mixes e-bike form — the seat height characteristically low for Super73 at 31 inches — with motorbike factor. Super73 says its C1X targets a pretty brisk speed of...

75 mph

Not your grandparents' e-bike.

To make the two-wheeler even more accessible to motorcycle newcomers, Super73 says it envisions the C1X with 15-inch wheels as opposed to the typical 17-inch versions used by many of its counterparts. A unique architecture also allowed Super73 to keep the C1X to a 51-inch wheelbase — about the same size as Sondors’ anticipated Metacycle.

Speed will make its way into the C1X in more ways than one. Super73 says that the concept also aims to integrate fast-charging that will allow riders to juice its battery from 0 to 80 percent in just one hour. Range-wise the C1X will also be more than suitable for most commuters at...

100 MI

On a single charge.


Before you start emptying your savings, it’s worth noting that the C1X is still just a concept, albeit a pretty confident one according to Super73’s timeline. According to the company, it’s already accepting reservations for $73 (get it) with a targeted production date of...


That's late, 2023 unfortunately.

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