CES 2022

Sony's Vision-S 02 concept EV is an entertainment center on wheels

Sony showed off prototypes of its Vision-S electric vehicles, which now include an SUV decked out with as many screens as your eyes can handle.

Sony is serious about making EVs.

When the consumer electronics stalwart showcased its initial Vision-S prototype at CES 2020, it was easy to write off the prospect of a Sony-branded car as vaporware.

After all, Apple has been quietly working towards its own electric vehicle for several years now without even a prototype (or acknowledgement) to show for it.

Fast forward to CES 2022, however, and Sony now has not one but two working prototypes of its Vision-S, including the newly introduced Vision-S 02 — an all-electric SUV with as many entertainment features as a home theater.

The Vision-S 02’s emphasis on entertainment starts with the EV’s command center — a sprawling three-screen set of displays that stretches from one end of the dashboard to the other.

Naturally, drivers (in the front and back) will be able to choose from all sorts of media including music, movies, and of course, since it’s Sony we’re talking about here...

Video games.

The Vision-S 02 is even compatible with the PlayStation’s DualShock controller, so you can play “full-scale” video games according to Sony.

T3 Magazine/Future/Getty Images

Outside of a robust set of entertainment features, Sony says its Visions-S 02 will also come with 5G connectivity and a seven-seat cabin where no one will go without a screen to distract them.

While concepts, especially those of the automotive variety, should always be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism, Sony seems to be at least a step beyond the drawing board. In fact, a concept video even shows both its Vision prototypes doing what vehicle are meant to do — actually driving.

Maybe that means we’ll see Sony beat Apple to the punch. As a part of the Vision unveiling, the company also announced a new division — Sony Mobility Inc. — which is focused solely on commercializing electric vehicles, which is decidedly a serious step in its pursuit of a real, purchasable car.

In any event, Sony still has a long road ahead until it actually begins mass-producing electric vehicles of any caliber. After all, Tesla isn’t exactly an upstart anymore and clearly they’re still figuring things out.

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