Segway's scary new electric scooter can hit an eye-popping 43 mph

43.5 mph

The top speed of Segway's SuperScooter GT2.

Segway has long since matured its brand name beyond the dorky design that’s associated with guided tours and mall cops. Their professional lineup still includes those classics, but Segway has expanded its consumer offerings with scooters, mopeds and go-karts.

They’ve even designed a conceptual sports bike that runs on hydrogen and electricity and an electric dirt bike.


Segway’s latest offering to thrillseekers are its SuperScooter GT1 and its SuperScooter GT2.


You wouldn’t expect it from an electric scooter, but the SuperScooter GT2 has a top speed of 43.5 mph and can go from 0 to 30 mph in 3.9 seconds. And at those speeds, I’m wondering if we should just call this a sports scooter.


Segway designed the SuperScooter GT2 with dual-wheel drive and a peak power output of 6000W. The 1,512Wh battery gives riders an impressive nearly 56-mile range.

If the GT2 is just a little too extreme for you, Segway designed the SuperScooter GT1 that features lower speeds for those of us who aren’t planning on drag-racing our electric scooters.


SuperScooter GT1:

- Top speed of 37.3 mph

- A much chiller 0 to 30 mph in 7.5 seconds

- Rear-wheel drive

- 3,000W peak power output

- 1,008Wh battery for a range of 43.5 miles


Segway built both models with a dual-suspension system, 11-inch tubeless all-season tires that have a self-sealing function, and a shifting knob that gives you six driving modes: park, eco, sport, race, boost, and walk.

It’s a bit ironic that Segway would be the one to make electric scooters look and feel cool, but you can’t argue with that sick bunny hop.



Launch day price of the SuperScooter GT1.


Launch day price of the SuperScooter GT2.

Segway chose to go through Indiegogo for its SuperScooter GT series, but they’ve since raised more than $780,000 from 237 backers at the time of publishing. The campaign has already blasted past its initial $50,000 flex goal and still has 25 days to go.

Segway said they’re already producing the scooters and is expecting delivery of the first batch in August 2022.