Samsung's One UI 4 brings a whole new look to the Galaxy S21

Galaxy S21 owners can officially use Samsung's Android 12-powered One UI 4.

Samsung's One UI 4 out on the Galaxy S21

After a beta release this September, Galaxy S21 owners can now enjoy the perks of Samsung’s refreshed One UI 4.

One UI 4, which is built on top of Android 12, is bringing several updates. By far the most pronounced changes can be found in One UI 4’s design tweaks, which borrow some aesthetic qualities from Android 12’s Material You (minus the AI generation).

With One UI 4, users can customize their home screen icons, and choose from new color palettes, widgets, new emojis, and GIFs.

New privacy features are also finding their way to the software update. Samsung says One UI 4 will now alert users when an app attempts to use their camera or microphone and all privacy controls will be accessible through a redesigned dashboard.

Samsung is also promising more cohesion between devices, meaning One UI 4 will look similar whether you’re viewing on a Galaxy Watch, Tab, or a phone.

For those non-S21 users looking to take advantage of One UI 4 perks, Samsung says it will roll the update out “soon” to the Galaxy S and Note series, the Galaxy Z series A series, and its tablets.

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