Get $60 off the best portable 1TB SSD if you move ASAP

This popular portable SSD is rarely discounted more than $30. At $60 off, it's practically robbery.

Gobs of storage

Still using a portable HDD with a spinning platter to store or backup your data? Friend, it's 2021, not 2011. Upgrade to an SSD and never look back. Lucky for you, this 1TB Samsung T7 Touch is on sale right now.


More than enough to store you entire digital life.

Samsung's T-series portable SSDs are the best you can get. YouTube creators swear by them for editing and they're barely larger than a credit card.

Besides 1TB of storage, the T7 Touch SSD is also fast. It boasts read and write speeds of 1,050 MB/s and 1,000 MB/s, respectively. Samsung says it's up to 9.5x faster than many typical portable hard drives.


Fingerprint protection

A strong password works fine, but a fingerprint scanner to protect your data is way more convenient.

Super tough

One piece of advice: don't put your SSD on your skateboard. Just don't. The T7 Touch's metal body is tough, but why even risk it? An SSD has no business being on a skate deck.

Killer sale

The 1TB T7 Touch usually sells for $230. But as luck would have it, Amazon's chopping $60 off making the total $170. And you get free shipping and returns if you don't like it.

Buy on Amazon - $170

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