Rivian's electric SUV hype explained in 5 key specs

The R1S is a high-powered, luxury EV with lots to be excited about.

Electric vehicles keep getting bigger and bigger — not just in terms of popularity, but in terms of actual, physical size. Among the newest, and buzziest purveyors of large EVs is Rivian, which will soon release its first SUV, the R1S.

Rivian hasn’t even started deliveries on its R1S (they’re expected to start this fall), but already, the SUV is among the buzziest EVs out there, competing in both popularity and specs with major players like Tesla which will eventually launch its full-sized EV, the Cybertruck.

Here’s Rivian’s R1s hype explained in 5 key stats...


Big EV, with a price to match.

Rivian’s R1S packs a punch, not just in its specs, but in its price tag. At $70,000, the SUV is far from the most affordable option in an upcoming slew of super-powered EVs (Tesla’s Cybertruck will allegedly start at $40,000), but its premium pricing is exactly what makes it stand out. The R1S is a luxury vehicle and its price tag ensures you won’t forget it.


Rivian's R1S will fit up to seven passenegers.

The R1S isn’t just big for bigness’ sake, it’ll utilize all that room for a few nifty features, including the ability to add an extra row of seats, bringing the total passenger count up to seven. The seats also fold flat so you can do some stargazing through its glass roof.

800 HP

The R1S is available in a configuration with up to 800 horses.

If the R1S is looking to compete with Tesla and its post-apocalyptic Cybertruck, it’s going to need to have some serious power. All signs point to that aforementioned power being readily available. For proof, just watch the R1S tear up this mountainside in the Moab desert. Pretty respectable for a stock SUV.

300+ miles

The range on Rivian's R1S is also fairly impressive.

Like the R1S’ counterpart, the R1T, the SUV will have 300 miles of range, which makes it on par with other large EVs from Hummer and Tesla. Eventually, Rivian says a long-range version of its truck will offer 400 miles on a single charge.

3 sec

That's how long the R1S takes to get to 60 mph

As you might imagine, power also translates to acceleration. Rivian says its SUV can accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in about three seconds, making it ideal for not just off-road driving, but highway driving, too.

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