People can't stop roasting the iPhone 13 for being boring

People love to meme new iPhones, but this year the parody feels pretty pointed.

The iPhone 13 is here, and with it, an obligatory deluge of memes. While everyone has their own perspective on Apple’s latest contribution to a never-ending string of smartphones, one opinion seems to be rising above the rest. See if you can guess what it is...

The sentiment, as you might’ve gleaned, is that there’s not much difference between this year’s iPhone and last year’s iPhone. That’s not a new criticism by any means, but if memes are anything to go on, it does feel extra prevalent.

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Men wearing shirts and holding the same exact shirt are really having a moment right now.

Burger and ketchup 12 or burger and ketchup 13?

To be fair, not all the iPhone 13 feedback was negative. Features like the 120Hz refresh rate and a new camera system with macro photo and video garnered lots of praise that obviously wasn’t captured in snarky memes.

But if you wanted snark, there’s oodles of it, which if you think about it is a win-win situation — you get to have your iPhone 13 and poke fun at it too.

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