Nvidia's Matrix-themed computers are God tier level cyberpunk

The only way to own one of these gems is to enter Nvidia's ongoing promotional contest for The Matrix Resurrections.

The Matrix Resurrections-themed custom PCs from Nvidia's and Warner Bros. giveaway.

A new Matrix movie is around the corner, and if you’re a fan of the franchise, Nvidia is giving you a chance to immortalize your admiration with not one, but three cyberpunk, bananas, one-of-a-kind, monstrous PCs.

Ronald Siemoneit/Sygma/Getty Images

In a promotional contest, Nvidia — in conjunction with Warner Bros. — is giving away three custom PCs based on The Matrix Resurrections, all with their own unique, cyberpunk aesthetic and top end RTX 3080 Ti or 3090 graphics cards.

Specs, however, barely matter because these Prize PC’s are really just pieces of art.

The Backup Operator

This wiry beast is the work of designer, Stefan Ulrich, who teamed up with Digital Storm to create something that looks as “if Morpheus’ crew themselves found an abandoned Digital Storm Aventum and modified it with everything needed to broadcast into the Matrix.”

The Breacher

This hunk of retro hacking nostalgia is from Staszek Wiertelak, a modder works GeForce Garage. Nvidia describes the PC as “a broadcast station jury-rigged to emit a pirate signal that impersonates a hacked sentinel.”

The Nebuchadnezzar

While not as overtly mechanical as the other builds, the Nebuchadnezzar from modder Dave Cathey, is still packed with Matrix nods, including sentinel arms that wrap around the case and offer up the formative red or blue pill.

To enter the contest, which runs from now until December 22, you’ll have to do a little of Warner Bros. and Nvidia’s bidding, including following their social channels, liking and sharing posts, and of course, using the #MatrixResurrections “when prompted.” But if you’re okay with selling out to your friends and family publicly, it could be well worth it.

Plus, there are also five custom GPU backplates up for grabs, even if you’re not the IRL Keanu Reeves Chosen One.

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