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Normally $329, this ultra-powerful Dyson vacuum is now only $199

This cordless Dyson is a game-changer for chores, allergies, and dirt.

At this point, we all know Dyson makes arguably the best vacuums, right? The only problem is that these overengineered dust-busting marvels are really expensive.


The Dyson V7 Fluffy HEPA Cordless typically costs $329.99 new but is on sale at Dyson’s eBay store for $235.99. That’s already 28 percent off and enough reason to add to cart.

But if you use code “PAYLESS15” at checkout by 3/28, you can get an additional 15% off bringing the total down... to $199.

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6 lbs

This vacuum is compact, cordless, powerful and weighs only 6 lbs.


Like many vacuums, this one is HEPA-certified so it’ll work great against pet hair, allergens, dirt, and dust. The fluffy brush bar is supposed to be better for sucking up animal hair.

The V7 Fluffy is an older cordless model, so it only runs for about 30 minutes on a charge vs. 40-60 minute runtime on newer versions. Then again, you can’t complain when you’re only paying $200 for this Dyson.



⁕ Lightweight and cordless (only 6 lbs)

⁕ Convenient docking station

⁕ 30-minute runtime on a single charge

⁕ 75% more suction than the V6

⁕ No-touch bin emptying

⁕ Washable HEPA filter

⁕ Hand-held vacuum mode

⁕ Mini motorized tool, crevice tool, more


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