The 6 weirdest designs from Nokia's legendary collection through the years

Before the iPhone and even BlackBerry, there was Nokia. Here's a look at some of the giant's most fascinating designs.

The Nokia.
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Nokia 7600

It's hard to know how to summarize this 2003 marvel. A portal to a new world? An opening eye? Despite looking a bit like a clam shell, it wasn't actually a clamshell form factor. Either way, the 7600 pioneered awkwardly holding a phone with two hands over a decade before the plus-sized iPhone.

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Nokia 7700

This bizarre device, looking a bit like a crab with its claws on its head, was first announced in 2003 as something of an internet access device. It ultimately never made its way to market and was supplanted by the 7710.


Nokia 7280

Another from Nokia's "fashion and experimental" 7 series, the 7280 made a guest apperance in The Pussycat Dolls' "Beep" music video. The screen when switched off doubled up as a mirror, a clothing-style Nokia tag adorned the side, and the camera was revealed by sliding the two halves of the phone apart. Want to dial a number? Rotate the central wheel until you reach the correct number.


Nokia N-Gage

Nokia's failed attempt to take on the Game Boy gave us some memorable sights. The phone's speaker and microphone were located on the top edge, leading to the unfortunate sight of "side-talking." Nokia would later acknowledge the design flaw in ads for the tweaked QD model.

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Nokia 7380

This sequel to the 7280 featured a nice ripple effect, a new design on the front face, a new bag, and a camera that's always available.

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Nokia 3650

The company's 2002 device was a smartphone that broke new ground, with exotic new features like a camera and a color screen. In classic Nokia fashion, this model also upends the traditional keypad by splaying the numbers across the bottom, making it look like a grinning mouth. Nokia just couldn't help itself, and we're glad.

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