Niu’s sporty-looking electric bicycle hits a whopping... 15 mph

ThI e SQi may look like a motorcycle, but it’s definitely moreso an e-bike with its top speed and range.

Niu SQi e-bike

Looks can truly be deceiving. As badass as the SQI from Niu looks, it’s pretty much all show and no go. The hyper-futuristic vibe of the SQi makes us feel like it’s meant for redlining down the highway. But, you probably won’t even be able to get on the highway with this electric bicycle. You might not even be getting it on the street.


Niu is more known for its electric mopeds and scooters, but just launched its SQi e-bike in China.

We’re not sure if the company has plans on importing it to the U.S., but we might not be missing out on much here.


The SQi’s specs:

- 400W motor

- 48V battery with either 20Ah or 24Ah capacity

- 40- to 47-mile range

- Five hours for a full charge from zero percent


Like Niu’s other offerings, the SQi is meant to be paired with the Niu app, which shows you the GPS location of your e-bike, monitors your battery, and lets you view and the vehicle’s diagnostics and settings.


Razer version

Niu even collaborated with Razer for a version of the SQi that sports the brand’s signature green look.


Niu is only releasing the SQi in China at the moment, ranging in price from RMB 8,999 to RMB 9,599, or about $1,330 to $1,420.

A company insider did mention to Electrek that a higher top speed of 45km/h, or around 28 mph, is possible in international markets, but that’s to be determined.


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