Lotus’ Eletre takes electric SUVs to a whole new level

The British automaker’s entry into the electric vehicle space is exactly what you’d expect from a Lotus.

Concept photo of the Lotus Eletre

Lotus’ foray into electric vehicles, the Lotus Eletre, is an all-electric, hyper-SUV that takes inspiration from the automaker’s latest sports car, the Emira and its existing, all-electric Evija hypercar.

The interior has a color palette that could be mistaken for the control center of a spaceship.Lotus

The Eletre is also Lotus’ first five-door production car and non-sports car. Take a look at some of its specs:

- 4WD

- 0-62 mph in less than three seconds

- Battery capacity of over 100kWh combined with 600 hp (20 minutes on a 350kW charger for 248 miles of driving)

- Target driving range of 373 miles

- Constructed with carbon fiber and aluminum for quicker and smoother driving experience

The panoramic glass sunroof only adds to the dimensional-traveling aesthetic. Lotus
When owners use their keys, the Eletre’s exterior lights flash a sequence, the grill ‘breathes’ and the doorhandles become illuminated.Lotus

More on the way

The Eletre is the first of three new lifestyle EVs for the company, all to be manufactured in a brand-new production facility in Wuhan, China. The vehicles will roll out throughout the next four years.

The Eletre is on sale now with deliveries beginning in 2023 to China, the UK, and Europe.Lotus

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